Sunday stylin’

Please do. It’ll make it even easier to spot the people I should avoid.
Image found on Shut Up and Take My Money.

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking a little shaggy by now. Salons are open again, but my appointment, which was originally last Saturday (the first Saturday after they were allowed to open) is now June 20, which is perfectly fine with me. I’d much rather go after they’ve got the routine down; maneuvering around shields and face masks has got to be a learning curve. I want my stylist and her young, adorable family to be safe, and I had no problem waiting for an appointment so that she can catch up on the ones she missed (and the money that comes with them).

Sure, some people have bristled at the idea that some businesses needed to be closed for a time, but most of us understand that it’s for the greater good. The ones who don’t … well, if they’re so intent on endangering themselves and others just so they can get a drink or a trim, those of us who care about others will just stay away from them (especially the ones who take guns to “peaceful” protests … ahem).

Still, I’m fighting the urge to grab the scissors and trim a bit off my bangs. Not that it would matter much since I haven’t used a hair dryer since March. It’s not like I’m going anywhere, really.

2 thoughts on “Sunday stylin’

  1. Suze cut my hair (both of them) and we agreed afterward, “It’ll grow back eventually.”

    On another front, I received a COVID Alert: It is now highly advised that you wear a mask in your home. It won’t protect you from COVID but it will keep you from eating so much.


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