Letters! We need letters!

That explains the bloodstains on the letter … and I thought it was ink.
Strange Brew by John Deering.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I seem to ask this a lot. It’s not my fault that the holidays typically mean fewer letters to the editor (it’s almost like people are paying attention to the idea of “good will toward men” … crazy).

For my Arkansas readers, if you haven’t had a letter published in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in the past 30 days, I would love for you to write to the Voices page. We’re officially in the holiday lull, which means it’s going to be harder than usual to fill the pages this week (and I have to do two days’ worth of pages on Tuesday, as we’ll be off on Wednesday).

Though the cranky ones are more fun to write, it doesn’t have to be a cranky letter. Feel free to give us your thoughts on the end of the decade, why your family’s actually pretty cool … just whatever (within reason). Remember, keep it clean, don’t personally insult other readers (hey, maybe somebody is a moron, but don’t say it; people in the public realm are fair game in most cases), no personal disputes (yeah, your neighbor may be a jerk, but that’s between you two), and keep in mind that I fact-check things stated as fact (but you can get away with some stuff if you attribute it to the source).

Write us a letter of 300 words or fewer (seriously, try your best to keep it under, and send it by mail to Voices, P.O. Box 2221, Little Rock, Ark. 72203; by email to voices@arkansasonline.com; or through our Voices form at arkansasonline.com/contact/voicesform. If you absolutely must, you can also fax it to the attention of Voices at (501) 372-4765, or drop it at our front desk (to the attention of Brenda Looper/Voices) at the corner of Capitol and Scott in Little Rock (not the church or the parking lots … the other corner).

Thank you all so much!