Sunday skeptical

So you’re telling me there is no wet food? That doesn’t square with your official statement …
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People in journalism, in addition to often having a bit of a morbid sense of humor, have a tendency toward skepticism. That skepticism is what leads reporters to dig deeper when a politician tells them something. It leads to loads of fact-checking because some people apparently can’t open their mouths without lying. And it leads to unofficial days like International Skeptics Day, which is celebrated on Oct. 13 … or Jan. 13 (perfect for my birthday) … or the first Friday the 13th of the year.

In honor of this day, don’t take anything for granted. Question everything. And annoy the crap out of habitual liars by fact-checking them vigorously.

You got this. You I don’t doubt. It’s those other guys I don’t trust …

You realize we have a trust issue here, right?
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I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that those feathers you’re always waving at me aren’t from real birds. My life is a lie.
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Or … wait … is it both?
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But it’s probably not … I think …
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I smell bacon … give it!
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I’m with George.
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No, you don’t have any eucalyptus, and I’m pretty sure you aren’t interested in anything but me being cute for the camera. Hard pass.
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I’m not getting ice cream after, am I?
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And I’m not sure I care. It’s mine now.
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Yeah, pretty sure you’re wrong. I’m gonna just keep doin’ what I do.
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Maybe you try somewhere else … you need help.
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