Sunday hats on!

I don’t wear hats, so I won’t be celebrating today, which, depending which online calendar you prefer, is Make a Hat Day or National Felt Hat Day. I just don’t have a hat head.

I will celebrate these guys, though, because they are very stylish.

Hey, anyone know where Thor and Loki went?
Image found on Bored Panda.

Really? This is how you amuse yourself? Now my head’s all sticky.
Image found on Simple Thing Called Life.

Where’s the party? We gots our party hats on!
Image found on Contemporary Headwear.

Cultural appropriation? Inaccurate stereotype? Nah, mon.
Image found on HGTV.

Can my birthday be over? My friends will see me in this thing!
Image found on Viralscape.

Sorry, buddy, I’m not buying the Easter Bunny act.
Image found on Bored Panda.

Dude, I don’t know about this whole “be the bird, catch the bird” idea …
Image found on Pet Radio Magazine.

Of course I pooped in your shoe. Poop is funny. I’m a jester. I jest!
Image found on HGTV.

I’m here for Taco Tuesday. You do have veggie tacos, right?
Image found on imgur.

Yes, ordinarily I’m a ninja, but sometimes I moonlight as a samurai.
Image found on Colossal.

No, I will not “get along, little doggie.” Watch it, partner.
Image found on doggyduds.

We’re going on a trip? Alpaca my hat!
Image found on Pinterest.

They told me if I planted fish scales, I’d get fish. I hate farming.
Image found on Yahoo News.

Ya don’t wanna give me your fries? Fine. I’ve got my own and you can’t have any.
Image found on Pinterest.

OK, I don’t know what sort of sick game you’re playing here, but I don’t want to be your unicorn.
Image found on reddit.

Yeah, I’ll show you a whole new world. Hope you like hairballs and fish.
Image found on Cute Cats In Hats.

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