Sunday patriotic

In a few days, we in the U.S. will celebrate the founding of our country and miss the days when people were somewhat proud to be Americans. You know, back when we didn’t hate each other for no good reason. This is why we need to remember that our furry friends are here for us.

Well, unless there are fireworks. In that case, they’ll be hiding in the closet, thankyouverymuch.

Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon … that’s all we really need.
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Family, I’d like to talk to you about the importance of not dressing your cat if you value your life.
Image found on Awkward Family Photos.

This smells funny. Was the cat wearing it earlier?
Image found on Louisiana SPCA.

Back up, kitty, this holiday’s all mine!
Image found on cheezburger.

Where’s the barbecue? I need hamberders now!
Image found on In Good Paws.

A few catnip toys would be good too. Thanks.
Image found on Mother Jones.

Hey, I’m no fool … just ignore the hat.
Image found on Dogs in Duds.

Seriously, like now. Now, dammit!
Image found on SayingImages.

12 thoughts on “Sunday patriotic

  1. Hey, Trump has a good idea. Why don’t we celebrate the 4th with parades and fireworks? Nobody ever thought of that before. And how come nobody thought of the wheel until Trump’s excellent brain figured that one out? We are truly blessed.

    Memo to Trump: Your work is done. You can leave now. Thanks for the wheel . . . oh . . .and fire. That was a hot idea.

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  2. Marlow the Golden Retriever would say that dog in the first picture at the top has the right idea and I am sure Marlow would vote for lots of bacon also.

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  3. Really cute & funny. Thank you!
    More seriously, I do wish people would not play with fireworks – in part for the animals who don’t have a closet to run into 🙁.
    Doesn’t help that just over the county border they sell fireworks – a huge sign on Kanis tells people this.
    Then there is the litter on others’ property post fireworks. And, lastly, they are “illegal” here, not that that is apparent on July 4 as well as before & after 🙄😰😒☹️.

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    • Oh, I know. There are people on my street who usually shoot them off the whole first week of July every year, no matter how many times others call the cops. When Luke was alive, he used to cuddle up with me when the fireworks went off. Storms didn’t bother him that much, but fireworks did.

      When I was on the way to the store today, I saw one small sign that said fireworks are illegal in North Little Rock. In front of the fire station. And they wonder why people still shoot them off. 🙄

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      • And the sign advertising them on sale in Saline County (down on Kanis & Cooper Orbit where they used to set up a huge tent) is probably 10 times bigger 😉. I had the thought to call 311 or the police number to ask now if they will patrol – hard to get through July4 😉.
        Nice memory of kitty 😻 comfort. Bless you!!

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      • I can hear the riverfront fireworks on the 4th, and see them sometimes. That’s enough for me. I still have too many memories of bottle-rocket wars when I was a kid.

        I miss my boy. It’s been just over two years, and I still cry when I think about him.


  4. When I was a boy, we lived on the far south side of Chicago close to the city limits and close to the Illinois/Indiana state line. Firecrackers, sparklers, Roman Candles, etc. were illegal in both Chicago and Illinois. However, if you wanted to drive approximately one mile to the state line, all of these fireworks items were legal in Indiana and you could buy as much as you could afford to buy. The older kids (teenagers) in my neighborhood would ride to Indiana on their bicycles and buy all sorts of fireworks. Then they would bring them back and shoot them off at night.


    • We could get them near Greenwood and Fort Smith, and would set them off either at my aunt and uncle’s house at the lake, or at home because there were a lot of wide open spaces. Still, my brothers thought it was a good idea to shoot them off the propane tank. 🤦🏼‍♀️


  5. Also, when I was seven, we went to a nearby park (Trumbull Park) to watch a fireworks display on July Fourth. Since the low temperature that night was forty degrees Fahrenheit, our mother made us wear our heavy winter coats to watch the fireworks display at the park.


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