Sunday moms

Two of my favorite beings in the world, my mom and Luke (her grandkitty). I miss them more than I can say.

Today’s going to be a tough one: the first Mother’s Day without my mom. Last year was the first one without my boy, so without either of them, I’m a bit lost.

But I know they would both want us to laugh. I’ll try if you will.

Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmm!
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Whatever it was, I’m sure he’s completely innocent, just like we always were when we were kids.
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I mean, really, how could she say no to this face?
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I said no, son, and I meant it. You’re getting spinach and bananas, not Snickers and bubble gum!
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No, I don’t like to “move it, move it,” and neither do you!
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Mooooommmmm! Stooooooppppp! My friends are watching!
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This is my life now. Go. Save yourself.
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I’m busy playin’ Angry Birds. Lemme ‘lone!
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You get some more rest. Kids, she must have gone to the store!
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29 thoughts on “Sunday moms

  1. I liked the picture of your mom and Luke. Although I didn’t know either of them personally, I treasure their daughter/mom and appreciate their roles in making her the person she is. ( I’m talking about you in case I was too subtle and poetic.)


  2. How did your day go? Thought of you often & offered prayers. 🙏🛐 I love the photo of your mom & kitty. I am an animal lover & looks like she was, too.
    All of those firsts without her during the first year especially make you very aware of how much you miss her. Plan something special on the 1st year anniversary of her passing can help much. I found that day was about as difficult as the day my mom died. Others I’ve known have had a better day by planning something they & their loved one enjoyed together & with other loved ones. Who, what, where and more are totally your choice for a healing day. God Bless you! Sheryl


    • Thanks, Sheryl!

      It was quiet and a bit sad. Mother’s Day is also Decoration Day at our home cemetery, where my mom served on the board for years, and that day we always spent several hours at the cemetery before going home for a big Mother’s Day supper, so it’s a bit of a double-whammy. I did grab some roses for myself when I went to the grocery store, though, as a way to remember her (though, dang it, they didn’t have any purple ones).

      My oldest brother has decided that he’s closing his two restaurants on her birthday from now on. I’m thinking that I may plant something on the anniversary of her death … I’ll just stick to eating chocolate on her birthday. 🙂

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    • Everybody always thought that I was the cat magnet when I was a kid because they were always showing up at the house, but they still did after I moved away, and even after she moved into my grandma’s house to take care of her. I may be a cat magnet, but so was she. 😺

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      • Chocolate is good! 😆 sounds like you took some good, gentle care of yourself.
        Seriously, indeed a double whammy.
        The moments still come as years go by; but, not as sad as time passes. If course, will always love & miss her & sweet kitty. Memories are such treasures! Continued prayers & thank you for sharing! Good for you & us 🤗🙂.
        I am cat magnet in my neighborhood 😄


  3. Yes so-called “fur babies” such as cats and dogs are sometimes much smarter than we think they are. They can tell when someone genuinely likes them (speaking from my own experiences). I know whereof I speak because I have had both dogs and cats as pets.

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  4. Being a “cat magnet” isn’t all bad speaking from experience. When I went to a friend’s house in December last year for a Christmas party, their twenty year old female cat decided that my lap was the purrfect place to take a cat nap. When it was time for me to leave and go home, I tried to remove the cat from my lap and she objected loudly and mightily. Apparently she liked how I was petting her.

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  5. I talk to my Golden Retriever frequently because it supposedly is good for him although he probably doesn’t understand most of what I am saying to him. At least he knows that I am paying attention to him. He is a better listener than my former sister-in-law and he is better at paying attention to me also. Sometimes I suspect that he understands me better than she ever did.

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  6. Sometimes I wish I could still communicate with my mother but all I can for her now is to make sure the nursing home is taking proper care of her.

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  7. Many years ago, I had a female cat who wasn’t fixed as in spayed. She gave birth to a litter of four healthy kittens. One day when one of the kittens wanted to play with momma, she decided that the kitten needed a bath and began licking the kitten with her tongue. The kitten objected because it wanted to play and the kitten didn’t think it needed a bath. The kitten kept squirming and wriggling and trying to play. The momma cat growled at the kitten to keep still and she tried to hold the kitten down with her front paws while she gave the kitten a bath. Eventually the kitten managed to get loose and free itself.

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    • Kittens just wanna play!

      My first cat when I was a kid had several litters over the eight years she was alive. Of course, out in the country with a lot of livestock, the kittens that survived got picked very quickly by our neighbors. A good barn cat is much-treasured.

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    • I do too, Laurence. Be there if you can – everyone needs an advocate in every healthcare setting these days. It’s a complex system & very busy everywhere. Lots of agendas by various people & entities. Been in healthcare since 1972, first as a nurse aide, then, RN, several capacities. Teaching nursing since 2005.
      God Bless you and your mom! My sister retired from nursing at the VA in the city where we were born & is staying at our biological Dad’s home & has helped him stay out of a nursing home so far. He is 91. Her health is challenged in some ways & at some point, very well may not be able to care for him. The only right decision is whatever works for a person & their loved ones. My first job where I trained to be a nurses aide was a county nursing home in PA. ☺️ I have Many fond memories of those we cared for. Take care 🙂🤗🙏


  8. I am the oldest and the only boy. I have three younger sisters who live in Texas in either Austin or San Antonio. Our mother moved to Texas many years ago to be closer to my sisters and she still lives there in a nursing home in Austin. Our mother had a stroke in 2002 and then she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two or three years later. The two older sisters were living with her and trying to take care of her. One day seven years ago, both of my sisters were gone for about ten or fifteen minutes. When they returned, they discovered that our mother had burned down the house somehow. The next door neighbor had to drag our mother out of the house screaming and protesting because she was more worried about her cats getting out safely (the cats had sense enough to escape on their own). That was when my sisters placed our mother in the nursing home because they realized that she couldn’t be left alone any longer. My mother is eighty three now and there is nothing left of her brain. She is a human vegetable.


    • Oh, my – what an experience! Thank you for sharing. I think that’s what keeps us going sometimes- being able to share with others. I’ve worked with people in so many different situations in home health, hospital – as I bet you have – and worked in geripsych before going to a teaching position. So many different lives, yet, in ways we identify with others. Prayers for you, your family, & your mom. 🛐🤗


    • Well, that would imply the person being a cat lover or that other cat lovers are drawn to the person, not that cats find the person irresistible. I might just call the person a feline attractant. 😻


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