Sunday Happy Easter!

I got nothin’ for you, really, but cute animals for Easter. I’ve got some eggs to find and chocolate to eat.

OK, to the people and animals too. But not that Great Dane. He knows what he did.
Image found on happy-easterday.

Is that what the white stuff is in a Cadbury Creme Egg?
Image found on cheezburger.

Yeah, I’m not really sorry, either.
Image found on reddit.

Let me rest. I had a busy night hiding eggs.
GIF found on giphy.

Soon enough I’ll have them laying my Easter eggs! Mwahahahaha!
Image found on Pinterest.

You really have a death wish, don’t you?
Image found on Hilarious Pets Pictures.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed.
Image found on bullwrinkles.

Well, at least he didn’t find the chocolate-covered ones. Those are mine!
Image found on Corn Nation.

I’m the only adorable thing allowed here!
Image found on Quickmeme.

But save me a piece of that lamb cake, please!
Image found on cheezburger.

And this is why Little Bunny Foo-foo never comes up in the Easter Bunny rotation.
Image found on Pinterest.

Now where’s my gefilte fish? I need gefilte fish!
Image found on cheezburger.

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