Sunday … oh, crap!

Where the hell’s my W-2???
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If you haven’t filed already, you’re probably a little stressed out about doing your taxes. I filed mine online (why had I never done that?), so I can relax and watch all the people who haven’t yet.

But I’m here to ease your stress with some laughter because, while tomorrow is tax day, today is International Moment of Laughter Day. I’m here to serve.

Not that I need you. I just need your money and the things it buys for me.
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A few are spending it on marmalade and honey, but it was statistically insignificant.
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Uncle Sam’s gonna take a big bite.
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Funny, you don’t look like the tax man …
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While I’m impressed with the commitment, somehow I don’t think it’ll work.
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Can I hide under there too, please?
Image found on DumpADay.

They’re all off-shore, of course.
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Let me show you my lint collection. We have plenty of time!
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That’s what you get when you use sloth CPAs.
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Evolution is for suckers!
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Your refund’s going to buy me lots of tuna treats!
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16 thoughts on “Sunday … oh, crap!

  1. Speaking of tax returns, it’s been well over 2 years since DJT began promising to release his and now past the deadline for the IRS to follow the law and answer a legitimate request from Congress. If this keeps up, I might begin to suspect they are covering something up. Russia? Underpaying taxes? Phony charitable deductions? I’m jest sayin’.


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