Sunday resolutions

Regular readers know I’m not a resolutions girl. Most of the time that you make resolutions you never follow through, so it just seems sort of pointless to me. Doesn’t mean I won’t laugh at others who decide to try. I’m kinda mean that way.

Hey, can you move my dream a little closer, please?
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Does opening my eyes count as exercise?
Image found on Crazy Hyena.

I never start one because I only lose weight if I don’t try. My brain and body are in cahoots.
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I vow this every year, and every year I get it reversed.
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Besides, it makes some of them think they should talk to me. I don’t like that.
Image found on cheezburger.

Right now I’m positive you’re in my sunbeam. Shift it, please.
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I need high resolution for my meerkats.
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Yes, you are, sweet baby.
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8 thoughts on “Sunday resolutions

  1. In the comic strip Pogo by the late Walt Kelly, when Pogo Possum asks Albert the Alligator if he is going to make some New Year’s resolutions, Albert replies, “I got a whole set of resolutions left over from last year just as good as new.”


    • Yes the late Walt Kelly was a much smarter and wiser man than a lot of people realized. Reading Pogo when I was a boy was good for my brain and it probably helped improve my reading and comprehension skills.


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