Sunday soggy … and icy

I’m hoping this isn’t what greets me when I walk out Sunday morning.

As I write this on Saturday night, it’s cold and rainy, as it has been for the past couple of days, and supposedly it could turn to sleet and/or snow overnight.

But with all the rain, all I’m seeing is a dangerous trip to the store in the morning as the streets will probably turn into a solid sheet of ice. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not counting on it. I don’t need bread, but I am out of milk, and you know how people get when ice or snow comes. I need some cocoa!

Still, I can be happy that down here we don’t get all that much in the way of harsh winter weather; but you would think that as much ice (in lieu of snow) as we usually get people would be better at driving on it … sigh …

I’ve yet to see something quite like this (the Bryant Park fountain in NYC) here, and hope I never do. Though it would be fun to watch it melt. Yeah, I’m weird. I know.
Image found on Mental Floss.

Just put the wrent on my bill, please.
Image found on OGNature.

Why does this look like a mob of ravenous aliens about to eat us? Is it just me?
Image found on Bored Panda.

It’s fine! Everything’s fine! I can’t feel my face, but that’s OK!
Image found on Earth Porm.

Dammit! I just got rid of all the orcs from the last time!
Image found on kickassmemes.

Like me, it appears this guy is a master at finding the most slippery spot on the ice.
GIF found on GifBin.

No, squirrel, you can’t come in, so stop scratching at the window.
Image found on Pinterest.

10 thoughts on “Sunday soggy … and icy

  1. I think watching ice melt is as exciting and entertaining as watching paint dry or grass grow. But if that is what you enjoy watching, I would definitely encourage you. No you are not weird.


  2. I am sure Sauron could easily ORC-estrat taking over the world with ice instead of fire. He might want to get Pinky and the Brain to help him as His minions.


  3. If that squirrel was scratching at my window, I would respond by serenading it with the song, “I Hear You Knocking But You Can’t Come In”.


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