Sunday rockin’

With metaphorical and actual storms about, howzabout we try thinking of something else?

It’s National Collect Rocks Day (really, it is)! So get out there and find some … just don’t hit anyone with ’em … unless they really deserve it.

Luke collected pecans. I think he liked to hear me howl when I stepped on one.
Image found on Pinterest.

I knew there was a reason I was keeping those boxes …
Crabby Road found on Lipy.

This one’s for you, Laurence.
Image found on reddit.

Uh … I work for a paper … just sayin’ …
Image found on Pinterest.

Yes. And he still is.
Image found on BrainyQuote.

Speaking of, let’s enjoy some of the rock I really enjoy collecting.

Now go put on gneiss chert, whydoncha? Let’s eat, and I hope you brought your apatite. I don’t wanna take you for granite.
I’ll be here all week, folks. Tip your waitresses!
Image found on Pinterest.


19 thoughts on “Sunday rockin’

  1. Thank you Brenda but I am not sedimentary because I try to walk regularly for exercise. Also, at my job, the intensive care unit is so spread out that I must do a lot of walking as part of my job.


  2. Also I try to be gneiss and not post any profanity or cuss words such as “Schist” or maybe the southern version: “Schee-ist”.


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