Sunday goofy

This past week was not that much fun, and way too hot. Today, therefore, I’m just blowing off steam. Everyone needs to do that sometimes.

OK, so I do it a lot. Don’t judge me.

Hey! How! Are! You! Today!
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Yes, you are!
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Andale, Mitch! I need to get to PetSmart at least by nightfall!
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Whoa … I am really on a roll now!
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I shall seduce them with the power of dance, and then I shall have all the Beggin’ Treats!
GIF found on Team Jimmy Joe.

You won’t play patty-cake with me? Fine! I’ll do it myself!
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I really, really hope the dog’s name is George (as in H.W. Bush). It would be rather fitting.
GIF found on JC’s Village.

Am I not hitting it hard enough? Daaaad!
GIF found on Great Cats Be Funny.

These guys are gonna be a while. I’ll just wait here.
GIF found on Odyssey Online.

I’m not inbred! Stop saying that!
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The Penguin Apocalypse is here! Run!
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That’s it for today, people. Show yourselves out.
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7 thoughts on “Sunday goofy

    • Well, I had stir-fried rice noodles last night, but that doesn’t count. 🍜 😂
      There will always be steam, but there will also always be goofiness. It’s mt saving grace. 😜


    • Look for mei fun (or maifun) recipes. Sometimes the noodles are a little hard to track down, but I love them. The restaurant nearest me that used to do a really great mei fun closed, so I have to go elsewhere or try to make it myself. The rice noodles are easy on my stomach, so bonus!


  1. Speaking of rice, I lived in a house on Rice Street for a few years. A friend jokingly told me that I lived on the correct street as in the rice street instead of the left street.


  2. This friend moved to Illinois many years ago. He now lives in the suburbs of Atlanta in the congressional district which used to be represented by Newt Gingrich when he was Speaker of the Swamp otherwise known as the U.S. House of Representatives.


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