So much potato salad …

Where did you even find that many potatoes???
Image found on imgflip.

I was prepared last week to hie to my bunker once all hell broke loose.

But July 4 came and went with nary a hint of actual war. Dang it, Alex Jones swore Democrats would be declaring the Second Civil War. Does that mean we can’t trust him?

If it took you till now to figure out Jones isn’t exactly a font of reality-based news, I can’t help you. But the answer is no, we can’t trust him.

I have nothing good to say about this waste of space.
GIF found on Know Your Meme.

Jones, if you forgot, is probably most famous for his spreading of conspiracy theories (or, as his attorney in his child-custody case last year said, ahem, performance art), such as Pizzagate (child sex trafficking in the basement of a pizzeria that has no basement) and the numerous “false flag” school shootings (those people were actors, by God; it didn’t really happen!!!). Little wonder so many lawsuits and complaints have been filed against him.

While actual conspiracies do exist (the Ridolfi, Throckmorton and Babington plots to kill Queen Elizabeth I come to mind), they’re rarely as convoluted or require as many participants as the ones Jones and his ilk advance.

But I can’t say I’m too disappointed in the whole Second Civil War nonsense … at least it resulted in comedy gold. Mockery of ludicrous conspiracy theories can do that. And yeah, I know I wrote about this Sunday, but I keep finding more nuggets. Who knew liberals were so funny?

The Internet, and the Twitter community in particular, almost seemed to rub its hands in glee at the prospect of group storytime.

I think I’d turn myself over to the enemy if the only “music” is Biebs.
Screenshot from Amanda Blount’s Twitter page.

Amanda Blount tweeted: “My Dear John, The war isn’t going as planned. Our supply trucks are limited. I’m out of wine and sunscreen. The enemy burned all the books and there is no place to recharge my Kindle. The only music is an old CD of Justin Bieber. All is lost.”

The Biebs? Really? Life is just not fair. Regardless, Blount’s tweet inspired others to compose their own mock letters. Soon, #SecondCivilWar and #SecondCivilWarLetters started trending. The messages were largely light and humorous, sometimes dipping into the political, but not usually.

I feel sympathy for Ranjit, but not Mr. Womp Womp.
Screenshot from Ranjit Arab’s Twitter page.

“To My Nieces and Nephews,” @DearAuntCrabby posted, “The #SecondCivilWar rages on and I have finally taken the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. I will not rest until each keg has been personally inspected for weapons. My sacrifice is for you. Be strong.

“P.S. Please send soda water.”

It’s a surfeit of either avocado toast or potato salad. Always.
Screenshot from Natalie Lanoville’s Twitter page.

Natalie Lanoville wrote: “News … from the front is mixed. I and my men were starving, out of ammo, and trapped in enemy territory. Miraculously, we were taken in by the Hipster Division. So much avocado toast …”

Those letters and others were amusing enough, but some people took it upon themselves to organize a potluck (everybody loves a good potluck), and besides, it was the Fourth of July! You can’t have the Fourth without barbecue (oooh, chicken burgers … yeah, I know, but I can’t eat beef without issues) and its accoutrements.

Aunt Crabby (since this is basically a family site, I won’t say her complete user name) started it off with tuna casserole. A lot of tuna casserole. From there it escalated, and people had to have debates on the best way to do things. I think this was probably my favorite part of this nonsense.

True … who wants to be bloated when fighting?
Screenshot from Joelle Van Dyne’s Twitter page.

And no one ever wants to be the one stuck with cleanup, either.
Screenshot from Jennifer A’s Twitter page.

Yes, please! I hate wiping my hands on other people’s clothes. Sometimes they catch me.
Screenshot from Rich’s Twitter page.

Excellent plan … plus, potatoes on the grill are tasty.
Screenshot from Linda VT’s Twitter page.

Wait … Applebee’s does potato salad?
Screenshot from Angry Moderate 2020’s Twitter page.

As long as the taco trucks have mild chicken and pork tacos, I’m game, with or without a Soros check.
Screenshot from Jay Bee “Best’s” Twitter page.

Yeah, I can’t top this.
Screenshot from KMax’s Twitter page.

As is inevitable with potlucks, someone brought something no one wanted. “The days have been long and the lines for the bathrooms even longer,” wrote @oufenix. “They’ve begun checking IDs to make sure our genitals match the symbols on the doors. Someone brought potato salad—with raisins.” (If you’re unfamiliar with the joke, watch the following video from Saturday Night Live; the whole thing is funny, but the relevant part starts around 5:05.)

Raisins??? That should be a capital offense … what a waste of good potatoes. I’m hoping it wasn’t Kathryn J. Mullee, who tweeted: “I’m so disappointed in this #secondcivilwar. I made enough potato salad for 35 million people.” RacingStableGenius, though, advocated raisins … but only in the vegan potato salad.

Don’t forget you have other responsibilities, people.
Screenshot from RacingStableGenius’ Twitter page.

For the record, I prefer a raisin-free mayo-based potato salad with salt and pepper and little to no pickle/relish … dill and basil are good. And if you put some red or green onions and some good bacon in there, I’ll love you forever.

Of course, the war didn’t actually happen, so perhaps it was all for naught.

Jones’ predictions never seem to work out …
Screenshot from Courtney Shelton’s Twitter page.

But within a couple of days rumors started of a Democratic coup planned as part of immigration protests. Either that’s wrong, or these people have full-time event planners on their staff and a lot of excess time and energy (yeah, I’m lucky if I have time and energy to shower some days). Many Second Civil War vets echoed @ProudVirginian, who tweeted: “OK fine, but I’m not putting on that civil war uniform again. It was too hot and the belt didn’t match. I’m wearing my shorts for coup. Also, I’m going to sleep in a bit, so let’s start the coup at around noon.”

You’d really think people would plan these things better. It can be hard to clear a calendar. (And now Jones claims Democrats have launched a worldwide civil war … sigh …)

If you plan to participate, keep your sense of humor in working order. You’ll need it. And I think they have potato salad covered.

No one wants to take it home, either. It’s been in the sun too long.
Screenshot from@stuffjuliesays’ Twitter page.

Not all conspiracy theories are so easily mocked as the Second Civil War, especially when very real people die. In the case of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md., late last month, it only took a few hours for the trolls to show up with their “false flag” theories. Lord knows we can’t have a mass shooting without conspiracy theories. Focus on the victims and making sure justice is done? Nah!

Ochs’ words are part of the Core Values Statement at my paper. Unfortunately, a lot of us in the media are feeling fear right now.
Editorial cartoon by Bruce Plante, Tulsa World.

(On a personal note, while I don’t know anyone at the Capital, an attack like this on people in my profession both saddens and infuriates me. We shouldn’t be afraid to do our jobs, and their families shouldn’t be in mourning.)

One Redditor, reported Andy Campbell at the Huffington Post, proclaimed: “Right on cue. The left must have realized the damage Rosenstein was doing on live TV.” Because apparently the left needs to divert attention from Republican Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein being grilled about the Russia investigation … and being talked over nearly the entire time. (But hey, maybe the representative didn’t understand the concept of questions and answers.)

Other theories included that the alleged gunman was being mind-controlled by the CIA or the Freemasons, or was part of a plot to frame Trump supporters.

Activist/conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer tweeted the day of the shooting that it was awfully convenient for Democrats in light of Rosenstein and Maxine Waters (because if it’s not about Nancy Pelosi, it’s about Maxine … or Hillary … or Obama … or …), later tweeting, “Civil war is here.”

Nope, Ms. Loomer, it’s not. Which is why there is so much leftover potato salad right now.

Will no one take pity on the leftover potato salad?
Image found on Kraft Recipes.

12 thoughts on “So much potato salad …

  1. Refrigerate all your leftover potato salad to fuel the first Second Civil War Reenactment. I’m refrigerating the leftover Chardonnay. (Well, there’s still half a bottle. Almost. So far.)

    And speaking of false flags, I’m surprised nobody has noticed how you never see those Thai soccer players and the Parkland “survivors” in the same room (or cave) at the same time. Is the Left running out of child actors?

    And Maxine Waters? Why can’t she at least mirror the level of decency, grace, and subtlety modeled by the president? He’s trying to set a standard for others to emulate.(He already has junior-high boys on board.)

    Here’s hoping the next 4th will see a new Congress and, dare I say it, a new President.


  2. Justin who?
    The Jack Daniels Distillery? She must be desperate for something good and/or something alcoholic to drink to take over the Jack Daniels Distillery.
    When I worked in the hospital kitchen, we seemed to serve mashed potatoes frequently and on the menu they were always abbreviated “mash pot”. If I could have gotten away with it, I would have made jokes about serving mashed marijuana to the patients but I would have gotten into much trouble for my joke. Whenever someone talks about potato salad, I remember this and I have to resist the temptation to make jokes about marijuana salad.
    Tuna casserole? If I fill my piano with water and put a fish in the water, does that make it a piano tuna?
    “I will bring the garbage bags. Everyone forgets to bring the damn trash bags.” Is this an example of what people refer to as “trash talk”? What is really trashy is someone who steals garbage bags.
    “Dos Equis”? YUCK! I want Shiner Bock.
    Potato salad with raisins? Sacrilege. Thou shalt be giveth forty lashes with a wet noodle.
    I do worry about an angry veteran showing up with a gun and trying to shoot me or some of my fellow employees. What makes this worse is that we are trained to handle and shoot guns in basic training or boot camp. I seem to remember some medical show in which a man accused the surgeons of killing his wife and he was wandering about the hospital with a gun randomly killing hospital employees.


    • I always thought grapes were the worst thing someone could put in potato or chicken salad. Raisins are worse.

      I worry too much sometimes, but the dangers are very real. (OK, autocorrect changed that to dancers, but …) We might soon hit a tipping point, but I don’t know toward what.


  3. Yes I agree it is better to either be swimming at the lake or a pool. Or, sipping something cold while sitting in front of a fan.


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