Sunday victory

In case you hadn’t heard, Democrats declared a second civil war on the Fourth of July.

You hadn’t heard? Do you mean to tell me that Alex Jones is full of it?? I’m shocked!

What side won? The funny side, of course.

The Deep State never confirmed. To do that, it would have to admit it was the Deep State.
Image found on Memebase.

Fake war is hell.
Screenshot from Twitter Moments.

I don’t know what’s worse: Karen’s potato salad, or anyone wanting to be OfWayne.
Screenshot from Michele Lawless’ Twitter page.

The Pepes are frogs you don’t want to kiss.
Screenshot from The Hill’s Twitter page.

Image found on Random Thoughts.

We see a lot of that here too … especially in certain parts of the state.
Screenshot from Stan Williams’ Twitter page.

They never will. Ever.
Screenshot from @Pez5683’s Twitter page.

I’m really hoping there was a Rocky Horror re-enactment.
Screenshot from Kurt Pifer’s Twitter page.

When I played softball, we didn’t get orange slices. I feel deprived.
Screenshot from @CANhawk1’s Twitter page.

It is indeed. Which is why I’m a word nerd.
Screenshot from Cornelius Dilligaff’s Twitter page.

I don’t like avocado. Can I have apple toast?
Screenshot from Barbara Marshall’s Twitter page.

My mom does not stink! She took a shower this morning!
Screenshot from David Anthony Smith’s Twitter page.

Yes! But no potato salad.
Screenshot from Sam Bova’s Twitter page.

Seriously, I don’t know how Democrats are fitting in all this plotting …
Screenshot from Naomi Nicoletti’s Twitter page.

13 thoughts on “Sunday victory

  1. So let me get this straight, if the forces of sanity declare a Second Civil War, will our grandchildren have to tear down the statues of Obama, Soros, Bernie, and Hillary? Won’t they be busy enough bailing out the coastal cities? And all of Florida. Maybe we could build dikes around all of Florida. We’ll make the Dutch pay for it.


  2. I think we should abandon Florida and we shouldn’t ask the Dutch to pay for anything because they are less unfriendly to us than some other European countries.


  3. A Civil War? is that when your enemies ask you politely first before they shoot at you to try to kill you or they politely ask if they can drop a bomb on you before they actually do so?


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