Sunday remembrance

A year ago today, my furry one left me. I know he would want me to move on, but he didn’t have to face the prospect of replacing the irreplaceable. On this day, I just want to remember the funniest, most rotten and sweetest boy I’ve ever known. Fourteen years wasn’t long enough.

My boy, Lucas “Luke” McCain Looper, just a few days after I adopted him. He doubled in size over the years and knew how majestic he was, so if you didn’t compliment him on his great beauty, you’d hear about it.

No, Mom! My toy! MINE!

My, Luke, what human feet you have! Oh, those are your grandma’s? Never mind.

I feel pretty!

Who is this Lassie of which you speak?

… and here is Sir Luke Fluffybutt to demonstrate “slumbrously.”

Pretty much every day with Luke. Rotten sweet boy.
Illustration by my favorite artist/cartoonist, John Deering.

Dis is my bunny. You cannot have my bunny.

This belly’s not gonna rub itself, ya know!

See dat foot right dere? It’s gonna kick your butt later.

There’s some crazy-ass stuff goin’ on out there!

Even cats get the blues.

If you sense a stinkeye from above, it’s my boy.

4 thoughts on “Sunday remembrance

  1. Even though I never met Luke, I feel like I did through your blog posts. He was larger than life and much loved by his mama. His expressions and poses show a unique purrsonality. I love how he got in the blinds and snuggled to his bunny. My heart hurts for you. I’m thinking about you. “Griefiversaries” are hard.


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