Sunday nerdy

He didn’t stand a chance/opportunity/opening.
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On this day in 1852, the first edition of Roget’s Thesaurus (the wordiest dinosaur ever) was published. Compiled by English doctor, writer and inventor Peter Mark Roget (who was also a Capricorn … are we all word nerds??), it’s never been out of print.

I joke about people who sound like they swallowed a thesaurus, but words are kind of a huge part of my job. They’re also my hobby because I’m weird and have no life.

Nope, I can’t let go of my nerdiness even for a day.

Search me.
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With extra synonym and cream cheese icing!
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They’re stealthy like the night.
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Cadaverous is a fun word to say … not to be, but to say.
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It’s itchy, scratchy, inflamed, uncomfortable, vexatious, ulcerated …
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Go back … you’ll get there. Try looking in E for exasperating.
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And especially don’t poke your finger at them and say, “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!”
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That’s enough of that for the day. I’ll just keep it warm for ya.
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12 thoughts on “Sunday nerdy

  1. Someone described the profession of writer as simply rearranging the 26 letters of the alphabet. For me, that sometimes happens effortlessly, and other times I put one word after another like a drunk trying to walk a straight line for the police.

    Capricorns Rule!


  2. My astrological sign is Cancer and I am also a word nerd. No I am not crabby–most of the time. Capricorns really get my goat unless I cannot “sea” them.


  3. I suspect that one of the reasons I became a word nerd was all of the time I spent reading my father’s collections of POGO comic books. Walt Kelly, who created and wrote POGO, was a word nerd and he really liked to play with words and their meanings.


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