Sunday awkward

I keep managing to jinx myself and ended up sick yet again Thursday (maybe a recurrence of the flu, or maybe my IBS), so I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to rest and recuperate. Still, I haven’t forgotten about you, my beloved readers, and invite you to celebrate with me … Awkward Moments Day!

Wait … was that awkward? ’Cause I kinda feel like it was …

That awkward moment when your cat spoils the epic prank you had planned by being aware of her surroundings …
GIF found on Twisted Sifter.

Every. Frickin’. Day.
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I’ve really made some bad decisions in my life.
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Yeah … awkward …
Image found on Cheezburger.

When you and a bear are both doing a pee-pee dance and there’s only one bathroom, that’s awkward.
Image found on Playbuzz.

What’s really awkward is that the guy was waving to the bear in the background.
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I just did that face … I don’t know why people were laughing … and I don’t know how they got in my house either …
Image found on JustPost.

I asked for a thoroughbred and they gave me a tortoise. But I just can’t argue with them.
Image found on EMGN.

… and he’s like, “doi, doi, doi, d …” No, I wasn’t talking about you.
Image found on BuzzCarrot.

Is he still there????
GIF from

I swear, I thought I could make it!
Image found on kaixinfun.

Yeah, I never have any idea how to leave either.
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18 thoughts on “Sunday awkward

  1. Thank you Brenda. I took my time because I was trying to think of something clever to say. Instead, my brain (or what is left of it) thought up this cleverly atrocious pun.


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