Sunday Happy New Year’s Eve!

Even though some good things have happened (yea women!), this past year has been pretty crappy, really. The Mango Mussolini ascended to the Oval Office and swiftly began to make us all a laughingstock. White supremacists made themselves even more known. The biggest snowflakes of them all spent all their time bowing and scraping for the orange one and getting offended every time someone pointed out one of his many, many, many lies and then called those who uncovered the truth snowflakes and fake news.

Some of the sweetest and most hardworking people I know lost their jobs.

I really miss this.

And my fuzzy boy breathed his last. I’m still not over it, and don’t know when I will be. But I know he would want me to find something to laugh about, and to look forward to a new year.

If a certain special prosecutor finishes his work more quickly than anticipated (but thoroughly, of course), I know I’ll have a lot to laugh about. For now, I’ll just laugh at these cats.

Right there with ya, Tardar Sauce.
Image found on ninebynine.

You’ll find out how happy I am around midnight. You might want to have Band-Aids handy.
Image found on Tridanim.

Oh, Fred … you party animal you.
Image found on ninebynine.

This was Fred’s next stop that New Year’s Eve.
Image found on Pinterest.

This is why I don’t do epic.
Image found on Happy New Year Images 2018.

And I sat up; that counts!
Image found on DumpADay.

A balloon? For me? Aw, shucks!
Image found on quickmeme.

I won’t judge you. Same way I’m spending mine, but with Pepperidge Farm.
Image found on Pinterest.


23 thoughts on “Sunday Happy New Year’s Eve!

  1. In a few minutes, I will be getting ready to go to work and I will be there until midnight. I am not complaining because this has given me a legitimate excuse to say “NO” to party invitations for tonight. No I am not a party animal. And I have Resolved not to make any New Year’s Resolutions. One of my “friends” on Facebook jokingly said that his Revolution for New Year’s was to learn how to spell properly and how to proofread. Since I would rather work on New Year’s Eve instead of partying, does that mean there is no hope for me? Does that mean I am sick, depraved, deprived, and far beyond psychiatric help?


  2. I spent New Year’s Eve playing Exploding Kittens with friends. I won one game and lost the other two in spectacular fashion. I only stayed until midnight because their 12-year-old daughter was staying up, and I’m slightly competitive.

    Last year I burned my 2016 calendar because my dad died and Trump was elected. Even though 2017 was a crappy year in politics and in my personal life, I decided to not set the calendar on fire. Some good things happened despite getting dumped by email after being married for 31 years. Having freedom to be me without getting eye rolls from The Actuary is invigorating! So is checking my own tire pressure and buying tires with my own money.

    Your cat photos made me wheeze laugh in public. The cat with Oreos is my spirit animal.

    I’m so sorry Luke died, and I hope 2018 is better for you. Our birthday is coming up. Maybe we can grab a coffee or other beverage downtown to celebrate before work or at lunch. Hang in there!


    • I went to bed around 11:30, but either the gunfire started early, or I was still awake at midnight. The whole idea of celebrating with gunfire is still foreign to me, and I grew up out in the country. Geez.
      Glad you’re getting that taste of freedom. This past year was rough, but you made it through. Email? Really? What a putz!
      I miss that boy every day, and still haven’t gotten to the point where I can think about him without crying. 😿
      If I’m feeling OK, we can definitely do lunch or something. This cold keeps running laps between my head and lungs, so I’ve got to try to get better. 😷 I am so sick of this thing! 😉


      • Gunfire? Yikes! I have never felt the need to ring in the new year with shooting a gun or setting off fireworks. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear fireworks in my neck of the woods last night.

        Luke was such a spectacular cat and larger than life. He seemed like an extension of your personality, or maybe you were an extension of his purrsonality. He had the best cat mom ever.

        I alternate between The Actuary and rat bastard when describing my ex-husband, depending on my mood. Our marriage hadn’t been in a good place for several years, but not only did he send me an email, he left me for a woman from Nigeria that he met online. She came to visit him in LR before our divorce was final. You can’t make this stuff up. Every now and then I wallow, but my funks don’t last long because I know I am better off.

        I hope you feel better soon! I’ll touch base with you during our birthday week. We have some catching up to do! Here’s to a happy and health new year!


      • You’re definitely better off. I’m gonna go with rat bastard. 😋

        My mom said they heard either guns or fireworks last night. I guess that stupid “tradition” came to the country after I left.

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    • Your ex-husband notified you in an e-mail message after you were married to him for thirty-one years? He just couldn’t be a real man and tell you in person face-to-face? He couldn’t “man up”? I feel as if I need to put one hand on each side of my head to keep my head from spinning until I am too dizzy. He sounds like a sorry excuse for a man and husband as well as a human being. When I got divorced, I was brave and courageous (someone told me I was also foolhardy) and told my wife in person face-to-face that I had filed for divorce. I no longer wanted to be married to her and she would have to move out because the house was in my name. I did tell her she didn’t have to hurry in order to give her a lot of time to find another place to live but she would still have to move out. I did want her to find a safe place to live.

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  3. “Rat bastard”? I think that is too mild a term but what do I know?
    As for gunfire and shooting off fireworks to celebrate New Year’s, we didn’t do either one of these in Chicago where I was born and raised. When I was a boy, we drove here one year to visit between Christmas and New Year’s. I was surprised to learn that my relatives in Arkansas celebrated New Year’s by shooting off fireworks. And, what is furthermore, it was legal inside town to do so. In Chicago, it was illegal to shoot off fireworks inside the city limits. It was also illegal to own or possess any fireworks inside the city limits.

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    • It’s such a redneck thing to do to celebrate with gunfire. The one new year’s party I went to when I was at 4, my buddy Will set fireworks off on the balcony that managed to hit one of the other people out there. Of course, it was illegal to set them off in the first place. 👹

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  4. Sarah the way your ex-husband treated you just sounds so wrong to me but I guess he didn’t have a good role model and example to follow–unlike me.


  5. I’m a bit behind in blog reading, and I’m touched by your kind words. I’m not always a sweetheart, and I poked the bear some, especially after Trump was elected. We had some serious communication problems. My son summed it up the other day – “When God decided to put our family together, he paused and said, ‘What if…?'” He added that despite our differences, all four of us have learned from each other and become better (except for the divorce) because of our communication differences.


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