Sunday summer’s over

Well, summer’s sort of over. It’s autumn according to the calendar, but it’s still in the 90s as I write this, and I’m still sitting in the dark with the air conditioner on high to keep from sweating my butt off (but if that were actually possible …).

Still, leaves started falling over the past few weeks. I’ve got fewer leaves in my yard so far this year since the pecan tree took a header, so even if I had a kitty right now, I’d have very little for that critter to play in outside. I’ll just have to live vicariously through these fuzzbuckets.

It’s a bird … it’s a … uh … squirrel? No, it’s SuperPup!
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I don’t trust these leaves … I think they’re in league with the squirrels.
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The squirrels are at it again? I’m on it!
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Rats! They know of my evil plans!
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Even lion cubs love playing in leaves. Don’t laugh or try to take them away, though, if you value your life.
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Told ya. Cubs just wanna have fun. And they will cut you if you try to stop them.
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No one can outfox me! No one else is this cute!
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Somebunny loves me I know.
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Don’t hold me back, people, I’m tryin’ to outcute a fox and a bunny!
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Uhhhh … I don’t see anyth — omigod, those eyes!
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Hey, did I miss the party?
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