Sunday good and pure

With what’s been going on in Charlottesville, Va., the past few days (and especially Saturday), I think we all need a break from the hateful. I’ll even not be snarky today.

Fuzzy bundles of love? Check.

No horsin’ around. You’ve got my heart.
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I nose you love me!
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It may be cold, but my heart burns for you.
Image found on earthporm.

You complete me.
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You can have a cow. It’s OK.
Image found on Bored Panda.

I just want to love you!
Image found on White Wolf Pack.

I’ve got a lot of love in my heart just for you!
Image found on imgur.

Look at my butt. Look at it! It’s adorable!
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You have my heart and I yours.
Image found on

I don’t have sleeves … what are you talking about?
Image found on LoveMeow.


19 thoughts on “Sunday good and pure

  1. As for the events in Charlottesville, it probably wouldn’t do any good to remind the “white supremacists”(?) that their blood looks just like everyone else’s blood when we put it in a tube so we can run tests on their blood (said the man who works in a hospital). It is part of my job to make sure that the nurses have the right label for the right tube of blood and that they label the tubes properly before we send the blood to the lab for testing. Also, the same germs and the same diseases can kill these supremacists just as quickly and just as dead as everyone else but it probably wouldn’t do any good to remind them of that fact either.


  2. As that woman said in the episode “Spock’s Brain” from the original Star Trek series: “Brain? Brain? What is “Brain”?”


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