Sunday friendly

It’s been a surreal few weeks, so let’s take our minds off that weirdness with Friendship Day, celebrated on the first Sunday in August. Friends help keep us sane, and right now, that’s really necessary. Who else can you rant to about everything without them wanting to kill you?

This is the kind of friendship I think most of us want.
Image found on Pinterest.

But if we do want to punch each other, it’s for a good reason … like taking the last piece of chocolate.
Image found on someecards.

I’ve been lucky to find a lot of weird friends.
GIF found on

Someone’s got to give you an alibi.
Image found on Memions.

And so many times, that friend is me.
Image found on Pinterest.

That dog looks an awful lot like my parents’ sweet dog Pepper. I miss her.
Image found on lefunny.

If all your friends are normal, you’re the crazy one.
Image found on Funny Think.

If you can’t laugh, you’ve got real problems.
Image found on Pinterest.


8 thoughts on “Sunday friendly

  1. Although I am a chocoholic, I do let my friends (and especially my female friends) have the last piece of chocolate because it usually makes them feel better and puts them in a good mood.


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