Sunday deeee-licious

With all the heat oppressing us right now, National Ice Cream Day (check here for chains that are giving out free ice cream) couldn’t come at a better time … unless it was every day. I could get behind that.

Silly kitty, that’s not ice cream … it’s just a psychedelic snow cone. But you’ve got the right idea.
Image found on Pinterest.

It’s the only time I can stand “Turkey in the Straw.”
Image found on Quotesgram.

OK, little otter, you can have it. But the half-gallon of Yarnell’s is all mine.
Image found on Pinterest.

Dammit, bird! That’s the good cookies and cream!
Image found on Favim.

At least he didn’t just grab it like the bird did.
Image found on FunnyAsDuck.

Yes, taunt the squirrel, but don’t give the tree rat ice cream. Then the rest of them will want some.
Image found on Pinterest.

Brain freeeeeeeze!
Image found on Wanna-Joke.

One day I hope I can be as happy as this piglet eating ice cream.
Image found on Pinterest.

It’s cold! But it’s delicious. More, please!
Image found on Awesome Inventions.

Why does he remind me of Gollum?
Image found on Pinterest.

You’re done for the day. Go away.
Image found on Happy Hour Ice Cream.


6 thoughts on “Sunday deeee-licious

  1. I have not one but two M&M’s Treatzza ice cream pizzas from Dairy Queen in my freezer. I have been enjoying eating them.


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