Sunday sparklers

For the first Sunday post post-Luke, I’m focusing on fuzzy-goofball patriotic pets. Something’s gotta take our minds off the weirdness coming from D.C.

I imagine a lot of dogs face this existential crisis in D.C.
Image found on The Fox’s Den.

Cat, hat, in French, chat chapeau. But Bastille Day’s not for another couple of weeks.
Image found on Pinterest.

Yeah, I look better than you in these glasses. Deal with it.
Image found on Tails & Fur.

Sir, I would suggest that your get-up belies your “Tough Guy” hat.
Image found on Animals Zone.

Do ya have some bacon? I have a sudden craving for bacon …
Image found on Pinterest.

Patriotism isn’t predicated on whether you support a particular political party. Oh, and grrrrr …
Image found on CatHealth.

I must go. My people need me!
Image found on Chuba & Company.

Someone needs Melania to remind him to put his hand over his heart …
Image found on Pinterest.

Let’s not forget our neighbors to the north; Happy Canada Day (yesterday)!
Image found on Pinterest.

And I’m callin’ dibs on dat poutine dere.
Image found on playbuzz.


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