Sunday salute

Tomorrow we remember those who died in service of our country. Today, though, let’s think about one of the things that can keep deployed service members sane.

Pets at home and the occasional pet adopted while on deployment are a cuddly reminder that life goes on. And they’re adorable, so …

Grrrr! I’m a fearsome weapon!
Image by Camelia Montoy found on Sometimes Cats Herd You.

He protects me and gives me snuggles. Good puppy!
Image found on Pinterest.

OK, I’ve got nothing funny to say for this one; it’s just sweet. Marine Sgt. Frank Praytor feeds “Miss Hap,” whose mom was killed.
Marine archives image found on Flickr.

Soldier, you make a really good pillow.
Image found on Pets for Patriots.

He calls me “Parrot.” I have no idea why.
Image found on Pinterest.

This is much better than the dry corn flakes I was gonna eat!
Image found on BoredPanda.

Oh, you want in my bunker? What’s the password, and do you have tuna?
Image found on io9.

I’m just plain tuckered out! Permission to sleep? Screw it, takin’ a nap.
Image found on BoredPanda.

Yeah, I’m just gonna head down to get you some more mustache wax.
Image found on Stars and Stripes.

Oh, come on, gimme a kiss!
Image found on Pinterest.

I, Captain Fluffypants, do solemnly swear to chase all lasers and catnip toys and to cuddle when it’s least convenient for you.
Image found on BoredPanda.

Daddy, you’re home!!!
Image found on The Daily Buzz.

Later, people … goin’ on patrol!
Image found on BoredPanda.


12 thoughts on “Sunday salute

  1. I love these photos! I dog sat a poodle for a deployed commander’s family off and on for four years in Texas. Biscuit’s mom Cindy would call me when she was ready to leave for work, and I’d meet her in her driveway to pick up Biscuit. He would keep Josie company and not be alone all day (their other poodle died shortly after my friend deployed).

    I’d usually bring him back home just before her kids got home from school. When Biscuit’s family went to pick up their husband/father from Fort Hood when he returned after 12 months in Iraq, I dressed Biscuit in a flag shirt. My friends were delighted to see a patriotic poodle greet them when they came home. For awhile, Biscuit spent more time at our house than theirs, and I still miss that dude. He just turned 15!


  2. Many years ago, my cousin and his wife were living in a town in southern Minnesota. Their house had a large and empty basement. When the local Humane Society appealed for help because they had too many cats, my cousin and his wife volunteered to keep the excess cats in their basement. The Humane Society supplied my cousin and his wife with cages and litter boxes for the cats. My cousin and his wife paid for the cat food and the kitty litter out of their own pockets. As a joke, my cousin told me they were running a “cat house”.


    • Along the same lines, my junior year in college I lived with three other girls, and under an old law still on the books at the time, we officially lived in a cat house. ๐Ÿ˜…
      The day we talked about local ordinances in my constitutional law class and my professor brought up that law, my buddy David loudly said, “Hey, Bren, don’t you live with three girls?” Gee, thanks ๐Ÿ˜


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