Call for letters …

Who’s a good pup? You are if you send in a letter!

Hey, all! If you’re an Arkie and haven’t had a letter printed in the DemocratGazette in about a month, we need your letters. Since we’re working ahead for the holiday, we’re coming up a little short at the moment, and only have today and tomorrow to finish pages through Tuesday.

Got something that ticks you off (as long as it isn’t something a lawyer should be involved in)? Does something make you smile every time you think of it? Do you want to pay tribute to those who died in service of our country? Tell me about it, and send it ASAP to, or go to the form at

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Call for letters …

  1. I noticed a short article regarding a “spruce up” drive for the mostly abandoned houses directly across Park St. facing Central High. Seems like several years back, in honor of some visitor, quite a few homes all around C.H.S. were boarded up and then a camouflage paint job was splashed on, list someone unfamiliar with the C.H.S. environs think they are a slum.
    I have had relatives who attended Central from the late 40s . I met and courted wife 1.01 when, due to crowding, we were assigned the same locker. We both departed the year before the shameful mess that provided Central with a world wide black eye.

    As newly-weds, we lived on the corner of 16th and Park. (For y’all furriners” that is about 150 feet from the smokin’ steps at the south entrance). I toiled at a local TV station and each evening the national news ran daily film clips of soldiers, black students bravely facing placard carrying citizens spewing spittle…”2-4-6-8, we ain’t gonna integrate” each day local news teams lit out for the latest confrontations…each day news suits would complain about the mild and dull news film (compared to the hateful chants , spitting angry,yelling that magically appeared on the network. The reason became a bit more clear, when sitting on the porch swing, we watched network news dudes coaching groups on how to get their pictures on the screens around the world…Some how no one took notice of the similar ‘look’ of those signs. One teen idiot corrected the net news flunky that “we AREN;T going to integrate…More authentic for unschooled Arkies to scream AIN’T
    My two sisters in law attended Central until it ceased being a school and became a big brick shell, whereupon one sis departed to Mobile, the other to relatives in Baton Rouge.
    More recently my youngest son and his wife attended Central and both received a terrific education..
    I know; ;ancient history’. Let the scabs cover up a situation and actions that I deplore, but I cringe when folks in really remote villages, Guam-Japan-Taiwan-Belize-Finland for gawd’s sake who can’t tell you which coast Washington D,C.sits on drive hundreds out of their way to see where IT happened.
    There were few things to brag about, The Guard and the Army performed well in a nasty crime scene. The black students deserved much better and in my opinion turned out the only ‘players’ who should be able to hold their heads up..
    Great sculptures of the 9
    ,I deplore bragging about the 50s smear. But, what the hell…let’s go fix up the hulks just off the front lawn and pretend the gunfire is uhhhh fireworks?
    Note: Brenda…much to long..feel free to edit chop or remove chunks which suit your fancy


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