Sunday sickly

I’ve been a bit ill lately with a stomach bug I can’t seem to shake, so the boy’s been taking care of me.

Yep, the glare of death cures all.

But he has been watching videos with me when he’s not being a complete weirdo.

He’s only partly weird when he does that.

Mom, that kitten’s not as pretty as me … c’mon!


12 thoughts on “Sunday sickly

  1. These are hilarious!! I love the kitten in the mirror. And then the cat knocking things off the shelf. Charlie does that too. I’m trying to knock out my last grad school assignments (due tonight and Wednesday), so these videos were a good way to start my marathon writing session.

    I hope you feel better soon. I’d rather have just about anything than a stomach bug.


    • Luke’s obsession is the window shade … almost threw him out earlier because he was rattling it. 😼
      Best of luck on your assignments!
      Hoping for this stuff to go away soon. It’s no fun whatsoever, but the boy is sleeping beside me right now, so that helps. 🤒


    • Silly boy! Cats rule! 😉

      When I broke my arm, he was very concerned and never strayed far from my side when I was at home. He still worries over me, but sometimes the crankiness takes over (he is somewhere around 80 in human years, after all).


  2. I used to have a tomcat (who wasn’t fixed) who loved it when I would rub his belly. He would stretch out to twice his normal length and purr loudly. I couldn’t afford to take him (the tomcat) to the vet to get him fixed.


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