Fighting fakery

This one’s not so much a burn, but a scientist geeking out, and in the process imparting a lesson in paleontology. As one of the commenters on this particular thread said, I learned something. Click here to read the whole thread.

She’s my favorite person right now.
Screenshot from Shaena Montanari’s Twitter page.


4 thoughts on “Fighting fakery

  1. The Willian Henry Harrison tweet is priceless. However, it will probably just confuse the president who recently told a group of GOP leaders, “Lincoln was a Republican. Not many people know that. Did you know that?” (sound of jaws hitting the floor)

    As a social scientist who writes textbooks on how to do research, I am well aware of how elusive “facts” can be. They do not always leap out at us. That means we sometimes have to work harder, but it is never justification for substituting opinions for facts.

    I appreciated Bernstein’s comment about how important stories never ended up where he thought they might at the beginning. That’s a mark of journalism with integrity.

    Bless the Press.


    • Very true. I used to do research for an investigative reporter/editor here (now retired), and sometimes we found things we didn’t expect.

      If only we had a president who thought before he spoke. Doesn’t even rise to the level of intellectual stupidity (a phrase one of his supporters on Twitter used this morning against an Anti-Trumper. 😂


  2. Andrew Jackson was mad about the Civil War. Not sure how Trump will top that story. And I almost spewed coffee on my keyboard when I heard about that First Amendment thing. He doesn’t like what the press says about him so he’s going to change the First Amendment. The man is certifiable!


    • As are many of his supporters. There were a couple commenting on the column on the newspaper site who just couldn’t let go of his talking points. It’s fascinating and terrifying at the same time. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m focusing on the often hilarious responses to his tweets rather than the tweets themselves. I love that scientists are now hijacking his threads! 😉


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