Sunday Happy Easter!

Dis is my bunny. You cannot have my bunny.

By now the Easter Bunny has been and gone, and all that’s left is finding eggs and eating chocolate (and a bit of ham, which is what I’ll be eating later today).

Luke will mostly sleep, eat and watch me attempt to do a little gardening … and play with his bunny (yep, that’s him up there in the banner). He loves that thing.

These cats, though, don’t seem to be too enamored of Easter.

Ha ha, very funny. Now give me back my ears.
Image found on Stuff on my Cat.

Mom!!!! Why do they have a pink bow? I wanted purple!
Image found on TheMetaPicture.

I made the bunny carrying this an offer he couldn’t refuse.
Image found on Funniest Place.

No, I don’t want to be the Cadbury Easter Bunny, so stop yelling “bock, bock” at me!
GIF found on PetBucket.

It may be a little uncomfortable, but that’s OK … for me, anyway.
Image found on PMSLweb.

Of course I laid these. What, did you think I mugged the Easter Bunny or somethin’? Because I didn’t, no matter what that bunny says.
Image found on CutestPaw.


Askin’ for Luke’s mom … because I can’t have chocolate.
Image found on 9gag.

Fine … let’s just this over with.
GIF found on giphy.

Geez, Mom, dese cranky cats just take it out of me … I’m takin’ a nap wit’ ma bunny till they chill out.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Happy Easter!

  1. I thought it was interesting for Leslie Rutledge to schedule 8 executions during the Easter season. Ironic? If we are going to insist on killing prisoners, I think we should schedule them all for Good Friday. Nice sense of history.


  2. Many years ago in a sermon which I heard, the preacher asked the question what do you think might have happened if Jesus had said “Come forth!” instead of “Lazarus, come forth.” All of the dead bodies might have come forth as well as Lazarus.


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