Sunday stealth

The other night as I was closing up the house to go to bed, I heard a strange noise from the back.

Clack-clack-click-clack … clack … CLACK-click …

I shall keep an eye out for intruders!

I turned on the light to see the furry one sitting on the stool I set up for him in front of the back storm door, batting at the window. I went to see why, and saw a couple of glowing eyes staring back at me.

The black cat from the furniture warehouse next door was sitting on the back steps, which was just WRONG as far as Luke was concerned.

The warehouse cat has a stealth advantage in the dark. He could teach these guys a few things.

That is, after he’s done annoying the boy. Priorities, ya know.

Crap! You found me!
GIF found on Meowingtons.

I am like the wind; you can’t see me even though you know I’m there. Well, except for the smell. Sorry about that. Bad tuna.
Image found on JoyReactor.

I don’t see anything … do you?
Image found on MemeCenter.

I’m completely invisible. No one will ever know I’m here.
Image found on Pinterest.

Is he still there????
GIF from

Someone told me there’s a cat in this picture, but I can’t find it. Some help, please?
Image found on funnyjunk.

Is that you, warehouse cat?
Image found on funzypics.

Kitty? I don’t see a kitty. No kitty here.
Image found on dumpaday.

You can’t see me if I peek quickly.
GIF found on The MetaPicture.

See, Mom? You don’t see me! Just don’t sit down.


9 thoughts on “Sunday stealth

  1. In the stalking cat video, I thought that was typical behavior for a cat when it is trying to be stealthy and quietly sneak up on its prey. This is how cats hunt.


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