Don’t fear the facts (they’re not gonna hurt you)


8 thoughts on “Don’t fear the facts (they’re not gonna hurt you)

  1. I shared your column on Facebook today. I’m waiting for the Fox News crowd to agree with you completely since Fox News is “fair and balanced.” I have liberal friends who share stories from unreliable sources, and that also gets on my nerves.

    What a sweet picture of Luke with his jellybean toes. He’s precious.


    • Ha! I’ve seen some from both sides (but one more than the other). What drives me nuts is that they can’t just talk to each other like people; they have to run down their “opposition.” When you treat everyone with different ideas than you as the opposition, what progress can be made? Well, except in the use of inane talking points and insults. 😉

      The boy is absolutely adorable when he’s sleeping like that. Then he wakes up and decides my arm’s a chew toy. 😉


  2. You are right about fake news appearing across the political-opinion spectrum (gotta watch those radical moderates). More than once, I have passed along a juicy tidbit, only to retract and apologize later. I love some of the satirical stuff (e.g., Andy Borowitz) as long as the author is clear about it being satirical. (And BTW, spell-checker, it’s not Horowitz,no matter how many times you change that.)

    Finally, nice picture of you in the Prada outfit.


    • The left seems better at believable satire, as well as making it clear that’s what it is. But both sides do fall for, and pass along, some pretty unbelievable stuff. Makes me ashamed to be sentient sometimes.

      Thanks on the pic. For some reason, I keep getting hate mail from the president … 😉


  3. If is difficult to find a town which doesn’t exist.
    As I have said before, too many people have this attitude: “My mind is made up. Do not confuse me with the truth.”
    Giuliani sounds like my former supervisor who didn’t understand my job or have a real picture of it or what I was required to do.
    Who is more powerful than Darth Vader? His wife, Ella.
    And speaking of power, according to that old song, “There Is Power In The Blood”.


    • What’s worse is that I know I left somewhere over there … 😉

      There are entirely too many people who seem the think that journalists are supposed to just be stenographers. Watergate? Nah, it was nothing. Juveniles abused in state care? Didn’t happen if I didn’t see it with my own eyes and even then I might decide I didn’t. Just report what you see and hear, nothing more; certainly don’t investigate anything. OK, rant over. 😉
      I heard Ella’s moving up the power structure; she’s really going places! 😀


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