Sunday surly

So you think everyone was amused by your April Fool’s jokes yesterday?

No. No, they weren’t.

That’s so funny the way you’re trying to put out that fire I set to your pants. Maybe next time you’ll think before you try such a lame joke on me.

Yeah, I’m gonna keep doing this till you get me a Petlexa.
GIF found on GIFsec.

Why? WHY did you get our hopes up that George Takei was going to run against Devin Nunes? Not fair!
Image found on K.L .Phelps.

Whadya mean that lane valet thing isn’t real? I was gettin’ ready to get a Lexus!
Image found on PaperBlog.

Dammit … and here I thought I’d be able to get her out of the house with one of those She Sheds.
Image found on

Hey, why did I do all this practicing if I can’t really get a racing helmet??
Image found on Pinterest.

So I guess this job offer from Cheapflights isn’t real.
Image found on funnypics.

Ya mean I dressed up for nothing? There should be a feline police unit!
Image found on Pinterest.

How dare you bring that Google Gnome here!
Image found on The Lipstick Chronicles.

Don’t make me break out the bitch slap, Mom …

These cats would also like to remind you that today is International Fact-Checking Day. Do them all a favor, then, and fact-check things before you send them out to everyone in your address book. They do not want to tell you again.

OK, maybe they do. Some of ’em kinda like it.


8 thoughts on “Sunday surly

  1. Yikes. Pretty scary, cats from Hell. In fact, I was worried enough about commenting that I’m not using my real name. I hacked into the account of earl something to send this.


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