Sunday oh God I need sleep

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate “Spring forward”?

’Cause I do. I really, really do.

It’s not fair!!!!!

Oh, you wanna know how I feel? Tired and cranky. Shut up and give me chocolate.
Image found on

Why must we suffer so?
Image found on FunniestMemes.

Although every Monday’s pretty much like that second one …
Image found on Pinterest.

But if you see a guy with a Tardis yelling “allons-y,” hitch a ride.
Mark Anderson cartoon found on smallbiztrends.

Yeah, this guy. Nerdy time lords are cool.
Image found on QuotesGram.

And that’s all that matters … open the can, lady.
Image found on Cute and Funny Pictures and More.

Just don’t do this at the same time you’re dealing with the holy hand grenade of Antioch.
Image found on Patheos.

And I’ve got sharp teeth. Do you really want me to be grouchy?
Image found on Pinterest.

Hmmm … didn’t know Batman was a copy editor.
Image found on imgflip.

This is Luke all the time; changing the clocks makes no difference.
Image found on Kitty Laughs.


6 thoughts on “Sunday oh God I need sleep

  1. I mostly appreciate my watch and clocks that communicate regularly with the mother ship in Fort Collins, keeping the correct time, and automatically adjusting for things like DST (which I may hate more than you do). But last night we had a late dinner out (by old folks standards), got to bed late, and I decided to sleep in a bit. It’s Sunday after all.

    However, when I finally rolled out of bed, I was shocked to discover my various timepieces had given away an hour of my life while I slumbered. Oh, I imagine they’ll try to make it up to me on November 5th, but the sense of betrayal isn’t going away that easily.

    What a nightmare. Next thing, I’ll probably hear that Trump is president or something equally outrageous.


  2. I had to work a twelve hour shift yesterday from 7:30 to 7:30 and I am working the same hours today also. Did I miss that one hour of sleep? yes.


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