Taking the day off

You and the good doctor will regret this, Mom.

You and the good doctor will regret this, Mom.

There’s no regular Wednesday post this week, but it should return next week. I decided to use a guest column for the Voices page this time so I could concentrate on taking care of the furry one, who’s been a bit ill, and who suffered the indignity of having to go to the vet Tuesday and have his neck shaved so Dr. Jordan could draw blood to make sure it’s not his kidneys or something else serious.

So Luke, of course, took some blood too. (I’m so sorry, Dr. J!) It was my personal version of My Cat From Hell.

He hasn’t been eating much and has been lethargic and throwing up, and since he’s had issues before and didn’t seem to be getting better, I thought it best to take him in. Poor Gus, the office cat, quickly learned when he put his paws on the carrier that Luke wasn’t feeling sociable. At least Luke just growled and hissed instead of taking a swipe at him.

Now we wait for the test results, hopefully by midmorning.

Oh, so you took me to the vet because I wasn't eating? Ha!

Oh, so you took me to the vet because I wasn’t eating? Ha!

Of course, once I got him home, he decided he was hungry, and decided to eat some dry food for the first time in a few days (he’d been eating a little wet food, but that was it). With any luck, that’ll stay down and his tests won’t show anything too bad.

And hopefully he won’t take his anger out on me … I might need some prayers.

4 thoughts on “Taking the day off

    • He most definitely did … he’s acted out before at the vet, but this was the worst such instance. Of course, if he’d had a good vein on the right side of his neck, it might not have happened. 😉


  1. Sorry to hear Luke is not feeling so well. Hope he gets some benign test results and just has to feel bad because of his shaved neck…


    • Thanks, Alan! He’s still ticked about the neck, but he’s feeling better. He’s got a kidney infection, which is much better than what it could be … of course, getting the antibiotics down him … that’s gonna be fun.

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