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  1. I love your column, and your blog post is the cherry on top of my morning. “For Lease Navidad” and Robert G. Y’all made me wheeze laugh. I shared your column on Facebook because you are logical without promoting a specific agenda (other than accuracy, facts, civility, cats, and chocolate). I will do my best to send a non-cranky letter before the deadline on Friday.


    • 😀

      I was getting so frustrated yesterday, having to spend so much time fixing all the garble, but that “Ya’ll” made it all better. 😉

      I’d be cuddling with a kitty now, but he’s a bit too stinky and won’t allow me to help him … silly boy.

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      • Sounds like Luke is a bit cantankerous this morning. I can relate. I’ve been doing last minute Christmas shopping since Saturday and after work. Your column today perked me up.


      • I haven’t really done any Christmas shopping; We don’t do gifts in my family, and my friends and I are in the same financial boat, so we skip the gifts for the most part. I just don’t have the patience to deal with it … or a very stinky, cranky boy who doesn’t want his mom to clean his butt. 😉

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  2. I realize that you have offered up a admirable commentary here this morning but I must put forth my most humble apologies that when I got to the “ice hole” cartoon I found that I was no longer able to continue… 😀

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  3. I feel the same way you do about Christmas music. While I appreciate many genres (pop, rock, country in small doses, classical, alternative), I am picky about holiday music in general. I also sang in choirs and have played the piano for Christmas programs. Leave the traditional carols alone, people. One exception – I heard Sarah McLachlan sing a fun arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman with Barenaked Ladies. It’s my favorite this season. Here’s a link.



    • I like this derangement of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” also. We have performed it at our church a few times. I am the bass player with the church band and learning to play the bass line for this derangement was an interesting challenge.


      • I used to play keyboard in a church band; I miss that. “Derangement” made me laugh, and I’m not surprised you are a bass player. The bass players in bands I’ve accompanied tend to tell bad (as in so bad they’re good) jokes. I’d love to play this too.


      • My mother was a music teacher and her students would come to our house for their piano lessons. After the lessons were over, I would sit at the piano and try to imitate what I heard my mother and her students playing. As a result, my mother began teaching me how to play the piano when I was seven. I played tuba in both junior high and high school band for six years. I switched to playing bass guitar many years ago. I still enjoy playing music no matter which instrument I am playing or what type of music I am playing.
        As for the church band, some of the younger members of my church wanted to start a band to play so-called Christian contemporary music and they needed a bass player since none of them wanted the job. I don’t play piano or keyboards with the church band because we already have a perfectly competent keyboard player (who is a good singer) and our senior pastor plays piano as well as singing with the band.
        I had never heard of BareNaked Ladies version of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” until two or three years ago when two of the younger members of the church band told me about it and played it for me because they wanted to play it for a service. So I learned how to play the bass part for this version of this song.
        As for my sense of humor and jokes, I am fond of clever word play such as puns and puns are supposed to be the lowest form of humor. I guess this is appropriate for a musician who is at the bottom of the music; is so lowdown; and has friends in low places.
        It takes a Special type of person to volunteer to play bass.


  4. Instead of fruitcakes at twenty paces, may I suggest creampuff pies with whipped topping? I should think that would hurt less than throwing a fruitcake at someone.
    Does anyone have a cat who says “Meowy Chrismouse and Happy Mew Year”?
    Whenever someone wishes me “Merry Christmas”, I have to fight the temptation to jokingly respond with Scrooge’s infamous line: “Bah Humbug!”.
    Did you know that “White Christmas” may have been recorded and/or performed more often than any other Christmas song (at least two hundred times)?
    Oh good. Another Bob Rivers fan. I have heard several of their “interesting” versions of Christmas songs on the Dr. Demento Show over the years,
    Chocolate? Chocolate? Did someone say chocolate?

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    • Some people deserve to have fruitcake thrown at them. 😉

      I think Luke just says the cat version of “Bah, humbug” … either that, or he’s cursing at me. “Happy Chanukah” is usually my go-to, though I’ve been known to wish rabid evangelicals a “Happy Solstice.”
      “White Christmas” is one of my all-time favorites (both the song and the movie), so that doesn’t surprise me at all.
      Bob Rivers always cracks me up, and deserves a much bigger following … “The Restroom Sign Said Gentlemen” is another favorite.
      I’m always saying chocolate. Sometimes it actually shows up. 😉

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      • Of course, yesterday would have been the day to pull out the Solstice greeting … and dang it, I forgot!

        The boy was very bad this morning and decided to wake me up at 2:30 … I’m sure he was laughing at me, thinking I must have just fallen asleep while working on the tablet so I needed to turn it off, and couldn’t find it. Surprise, surprise once I turned on the light to see that the tablet was plugged in, right where I put it when I retired. If I’d had a fruitcake this morning, it would have been hurled at him. 😉

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      • Luke and Charlie must confer telepathically. Charles mewed at the bedroom door at 2:00 something this morning. I ended up sleeping on the couch with him so he wouldn’t disturbed my husband. Maybe we can share my fruitcake.


  5. To the tune of “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire” (words by Linda von Braskat-Crowe) “Jawas roasting on an open fire, Sandman picking at his nose. Jedi carols being sung by a choir and folks dressed up as 3PO’s. Everybody knows that matte lines and that old blue spill combine to make this film a fright. Tiny droids LED’s all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight. They know that Obi-Wan is on his way. He’s loaded daddy’s old light saber on his sleigh. And every Stormtrooper is going to spy to learn if Jedi’s really know how to fly. And so I’m offering this simple phrase to Han and Luke and Chewie too. Though it’s been said many times many ways: May The Force Be With You.”
    Linda von Braskat-Crowe is a singer-songwriter and musician who lives and performs in California. Shortly before Christmas in 1977, she was watching this new movie called “Star Wars” with her husband. While they were watching a certain scene in this movie, her husband whispered “Jawas roasting on an open fire” to her and her mind began working on the lyrics. “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire” isn’t one of her favorite Christmas songs. Linda had recently been asked to perform it for an audience and she had complained about this to her husband. I hope you enjoy this Star Wars version of this famous song.


    • There are entirely too many who say they are but don’t epitomize the name (as well as many who don’t profess to be Christian but act like they are). As long as Christians continue to act un-Christian, we’re gonna have this problem. 😦


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