Sunday problematic

What he said. Image found on CatMacros.

What he said.
Image found on CatMacros.

I’m having computer issues at the moment, and the IT cat is no help at all.

After the bout of food poisoning I’m still recovering from, I didn’t need this right now.

But it could be worse.


6 thoughts on “Sunday problematic

  1. I enjoyed the video, especially the ending with the, excuse my fanboyishness, Apple. Sorry about your computer and poison problems. Might be time to curl up with a good book. Be well.


    • Wish I could afford an Apple … I’ll just have to make do with a Mackintosh … sweet, apple-y goodness. 😉

      The boy’s been “taking care” of me … he, like the physicians of old, is a fan of bleeding … I’m sure the leeches will come next.


  2. I am sorry to read that you had food poisoning. I have had food poisoning and it is not a pleasant memory. Actually, it is a memory which I would like to forget and wipe from my mind.


    • Thanks, PT! I know the feeling … it seems I’m always playing catch-up … and lagging far behind. 😉

      I’m still a bit weak and eating very bland food, but I’m getting better. It’ll just be a while before I eat rotisserie chicken again. 😦


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