How to Win the Internet 101

There’s a terrific advantage to not having cable: You don’t have to watch debates! While the Democratic debates were going on last night, I was watching Netflix, working on the blog and cuddling with a furry boy, all far more entertaining.

However, I do love to see politicians do stupid things. Nope, it wasn’t anybody in the debate as far as I know, but someone who decided to live-tweet his “humorous” observations and who was born with a silver foot in his mouth (if only it had stayed there to keep him from speaking).

Regular readers know of my distaste for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and his habit of talking down to those he feels are beneath him, usually in the form of “hilariously” offensive jokes. He didn’t disappoint last night, but was definitely owned on this one.

(Not an Arkie and/or out of the loop on this particular story? Check out the details here.)

Huckster, a life lesson: Don’t mess with real comedians.

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