Ask questions first, shoot later


4 thoughts on “Ask questions first, shoot later

  1. You are spot on as usual. I’m so tired of people on both sides of the political spectrum taking data out of context, misquoting people, etc. to try to prove a point. I’m suffering from outrage fatigue.

    I laughed so hard at your January 13 correlation to hip/leg injuries, that I almost fell down and messed up my other hip. I also read one sentence wrong at first and pictured toothless people buying guns. It’s been a long summer. I blame the leap second.

    Your columns and blog keep me sane(ish).


    • Hey, no more injuries! The hospitals around here are gonna get tired of us! 😉

      Toothless people buying guns … probably to the strains of “Dueling Banjoes” … 😛

      I’m with you on the long summer (and the outrage fatigue, which has a tendency to cause eye-rolling). I’ve been exhausted for the past week and a half, and still have two more days of work before we take Friday off … my bed is calling me …

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  2. My bed is calling me too, and I will go to sleep with the sound of “Dueling Banjos” in my head. That’s an appropriate tune for some of the comments I’ve read on Facebook lately (which I need to stop doing because life is too short to waste it on Facebook comments).

    I hope you can get some rest over the three day weekend. I bet Luke will snuggle with you.


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