A day for dads


3 thoughts on “A day for dads

  1. I need a tissue too, especially reading this on your blog with the photos. I think everyone needs a Grandpa Grover, and you were lucky to have each other.

    I’m very sorry to hear about the death of your grandmother. It’s a strange feeling when all the grandparents have passed away. My sister describes our grandparents (who have all died), aunts and uncles, and parents as a buffer. We are starting to feel more vulnerable as our buffer is getting more and more holes because of some recent deaths.

    Thank you for sharing from your heart about your dad and grandpa.


    • Thank you (and I’m crying again )!

      I agree on the buffer thing; Mom’s the only one left on her side (plus two great-aunts), and my aunt Carol and her husband are the only ones left on Dad’s side. It definitely affects your sense of mortality. As if I didn’t feel old enough …

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  2. My mom’s 53-year old half sister died in December, and although we weren’t close, she was only four years older than I am. My dad has one surviving brother out of four. The holes in our buffer make me feel vulnerable, like my armor has chinks in it.

    Our son has been wanting to go to the beach for years, and I kept saying, “Someday…” This summer I told The Actuary that I wanted to plan a vacation to the beach, and we are going to Florida in August for a few days.

    Mike Masterson had an especially poignant paragraph at the end of his column today about living life to the fullest. Life is short, even with the Leap Second.

    Between you and Mike, I’m going to need to buy stock in Kleenex.


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