Cocoa and contemplation

A woman walks across Capitol Avenue in Little Rock on Monday. Image by Associated Press.

A woman walks across Capitol Avenue in Little Rock on Monday. It wasn’t really this pretty. I hate ice.
Image by The Associated Press.

Icy weather like what we’ve just had tends to lead to a bit of introspection for me. Or just random weird thoughts … like why normally sane people in broadcasting go completely Super Bowl/Wrestlemania fan on the air sometimes.

Seriously, is a little dignity too much to ask? Let me answer that: Yes.


4 thoughts on “Cocoa and contemplation

  1. The boiling water video is going to haunt me now. That guy was nuts to try that, but then my 15-year old (when he was 13) figured out how to set fire to ice covered with hand sanitizer (with a little help from Google). His fire privileges have since been revoked.

    I hope Luke is cutting you a little slack. Who am I kidding? My cat doesn’t believe in “slack.” I also hope that your arm gets better soon. I stayed in pjs Monday and Tuesday until after 11:00. I never do that! Today I’m annoyed, but at least I can drive to Kroger and pick up tortillas for our breakfast taco dinner.

    I’m praying for better weather for tomorrow through the weekend. I’m supposed to drive to Waco, TX, for our annual scrapbooking event. My mom and aunts started doing this over 15 years ago in central Texas with cousins, daughters, and girlfriends. I haven’t been able to go to all of them because of small children and living far away, but when we lived in Texas, I went to as many as possible. Last year one of the aunts came even though she was fighting leukemia at age 73. She postponed a chemo session at MD Anderson so she could come to our scrapbooking weekend, and she died a couple weeks later at the hospital from complications.

    Unfortunately, this year another aunt was just diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Her prognosis is two to sixth months without treatment and six to twelve with treatment. I think she’s leaning toward no treatment. This scrapbooking weekend is going to be more of a reminiscing and goodbye. I’m still in shock. So that’s why I need to go to Texas. My mom needs me, and I need to see my aunt and my cousins. I also need to help my daughter get supplies for her salon booth for her job she’s starting in a couple weeks (she needs my credit card).

    So, to end my ramblings, I’d like to add that life is too short to worry about “less vs. fewer” and being a grammar cop. I’ll put my grammar cop hat on when I edit and when I write, but the older I get, the less I care about “between you and me” (still hurts a little) and “Got? Crawdads” (an actual banner at a store in Belton). Life is short.


    • Hear, hear! Life is definitely too short to worry about such things to the exclusion of joy.

      I’m so sorry about your aunt. I had a great aunt die of pancreatic cancer about 13 years ago; I still miss her. I hope you do get to go down there. I’ve already canceled my trip home this weekend, but considering my gamy arm (and now the left is acting up too) and the weather, I’m not going to chance it.


  2. Thank you. I don’t blame you for not wanting to drive out of town this weekend. What’s going on with your arms? My husband has (unofficial) RA in his hands, and sometimes he does well just getting through the day at work. I looked at the extended forecast, and I think I’ll be okay, especially since I’m driving south. My aunt has five kids, but one died suddenly of a heart attack a little over a year ago. They are all devastated by her diagnosis. I’m praying for a miracle, but sometimes the answer is not healing on earth.

    p.s. I realized I should have said “between you and I.” I can’t even type that phrase incorrectly.


    • I absolutely HATE ice … I can drive on it well, but still hate it. It’s the other drivers I don’t trust.

      I sometimes have spasms/pain in my right arm which make it hard to lift it; it’s the arm that I broke six years ago. I have no idea what’s going on with my left, which decided to join the party last night (sympathy pains, maybe?). It might be time for a new MRI to try and figure this out …


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