Sunday happy new year!

Yes, I know, that was a few days ago, but I was sleeping then.

thanks-not-laughing-absurdly-new-years-ecard-someecardsThose who know me best know I don’t make resolutions. I just don’t see the point. Sure, we should all try to improve ourselves, but making a resolution to do that rarely seems to work. And when we fail, well …

All I usually resolve to do is to be myself. That’s an easy one to keep.


I miss you more every day, Bill Watterson.

I miss you more every day, Bill Watterson.



I resolve to be the cutest boy ever ... done!

I resolve to be the cutest boy ever … done!

Luke, meanwhile, is in catnip withdrawal right now. Will he resolve to give up the nip? Not on your life … but at least he can’t talk …


6 thoughts on “Sunday happy new year!

  1. The pet resolutions are so accurate. My dog resolves to eat more cat litter and cat poop. I never should have switched to the organic walnut litter. Josie thinks it’s a snack.

    I am a serial resolution maker. In fact, I see both January 1 and the start of a new school year (since I still have a kid in school) as times for fresh starts. Last year I resolved to apply to grad school and floss. So far I’ve kept one out of two. I rolled flossing over to this year’s list.

    Actually, I don’t have a list of resolutions this year. I have a phrase instead – “mis en place.” I struggle with organization and distraction and want to use this year to get my house and mind in order. I also want our family to come up with a word or phrase that we could work on improving – like communication (because we stink at communicating).

    In the meantime, the cat resolves to play more, and the dog also resolves to stay under the covers when it’s cold outside.

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