Sunday happy

Although I didn’t get to spend Christmas with my mom, I did spend it with my furry little boy and a LOT of Christmas movies. The boy enjoyed his stocking full of toys and I definitely enjoyed him having fun. How could anyone not?

What is this?

What is this?

Yep, these are mine. You can look, but you can't play with 'em.

Yep, these are mine. You can look, but you can’t play with ’em.

You think putting a little catnip on my paw's gonna affect me?

You think putting a little catnip on my paw’s gonna affect me?

Need. More. Nip. Now.

Need. More. Nip. Now.

This is your brain on nip and little purple fishies.

This is your brain on nip and little purple fishies.

OK, fine, I'll watch White Christmas with you. Just give me more nip, please.

OK, fine, I’ll watch White Christmas with you. Just give me more nip, please.



4 thoughts on “Sunday happy

  1. I love these photos of Luke and your captions. I saw a sign at a vet one summer that said, “If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?” It looks like you and Luke had a good Christmas. Is purple Luke’s favorite color? He is such a handsome cat.

    I hoped to bring you a piece of my dad’s fudge pie from Texas, but unfortunately, his pies did not turn out well. The middle was raw, although the top was cooked. I ate a couple of pieces, and I’ve been sad about the way they turned out. I’m sure his dementia played a role. He burned bacon and toast too. It’s hard to see my dad decline, especially with cooking, because he’s always been the chef for holiday events.

    We are back in Little Rock, and Charlie is enjoying his hedgehog toys. I thought he could use a change from the mice he plays with. I know I can!

    Thanks for the photos, and I hope you get to visit with your mom soon.


    • 😀

      Purple’s my mom’s favorite color and one of mine, too; Luke doesn’t care, as long as there’s nip. There are times it doesn’t affect him at all, but when it does, it’s always amusing. 🙂

      I’m so sorry about your dad; I hate to see anyone decline like that, and we went through that with my grandma several years back. All you can really do at that point is treasure the lucid moments and the memories.

      Glad Charlie likes the hedgehog … Luke has one he’ll play with every once in a while, but he’s a bear for those mice … when I moved, we found about 20 of them under the couch. 😀

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  2. My mom’s favorite color is purple too! She also likes green. My favorite color depends on my mood. I have trouble making decisions.

    Charlie goes crazy with cat nip. He’s a bit of a spaz anyway, so we tend to keep him away from the nip. He definitely prefers his mice. I think it’s funny how he hunkers down behind furniture and waits for me to throw them. He’s got that hunting instinct which has served me well when he kills a bug or two. Your comment about finding 20 mice under the couch makes me think I should check under our couches and beds for mice. Luke sounds like a fun dude.

    Speaking of cats, I heard an interview on NPR yesterday with the author who wrote the book of cat poems “I Could Pee On This.” The author, Francesco Marciuliano, is also the author of the Sally Forth comic strip. I bought the book for my daughter, and it’s hilarious and also has some poignant moments. I think I need to get the book since we have a cat now. The interview gave some good insight into why the author wrote the book and how he got his inspiration.

    My mom told me yesterday that dad helped her make some soup, and he peeled some potatoes. I know my dad’s dementia is very hard on her. The only think I don’t like about living in Little Rock is being too far away to help on a regular basis. My sister and brother live closer, but they both work. They are helping quite a bit though. I’m my mom’s cheerleader and send her things to make her laugh; she said that helps too.

    Luke looks great in purple! Have a great Friday!


    • I’m starting to think we were separated at birth 😉 I’m a mood consumer, too … my favorite colors, books, movies often depend on my mood.

      Luke at the moment is hunkered in the middle of the path to the bathroom, probably in hopes of taking me down … he’s such an obstructionist at times that I swear he must be a reincarnated congressman! 😀

      I keep thinking about getting that book, but just haven’t yet. I will at some point, though, I know. I have no will power when it comes to cats.

      I know exactly what you mean about living too far away. My mom is three hours away, and I really wish we were closer so I could see her more and help her when she needs it. But yes, cheerleading is important too, and caregivers need it more than you can imagine. Sending strength and giggles your way to help …

      Have a great weekend! Heading off now to get someone some food so he’ll settle down for two minutes. 🙂


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