Sunday find the happy

This past week, between illness and the election day from hell, it’s been a little harder than usual to find the happy. However, I just have to remember that if all you look for is the bad, that’s all you’ll ever find.

So, yeah, the people who should have won in a few races didn’t, but if those who won fail (which at least one is sure to do, and quite spectacularly), a better replacement can be found.

And yeah, I might feel craptastic now, but I know I’ll feel better, and my purring doc by my side will help … when he’s not cursing me for giving him his pill.

Sing with me, boys …


6 thoughts on “Sunday find the happy

  1. I feel the same way, especially about a couple of the results. Not enough ice cream in the world will help, but your video made me laugh. I’m glad your cat is taking good care of you. I had to give Charlie a pill yesterday, and he was not amused. Election day from hell…that about sums it up. To quote the great philosopher, Chicken Little, “Tomorrow is a new day.” I don’t believe that crap, but he may be on to something.


    • Very true; two races in particular got me down, but my cynical nature won’t let me forget that they’ll inevitably cause their own downfalls. (insert evil laugh here).

      Luke’s taking spells on whether he wants to take care of me or not. Right now, while I’m sitting here swilling ginger ale, he’s opting to be elsewhere … perhaps because he knows the pill’s coming. 😉


  2. I had to jump through too many hoops to give Charlie his pill yesterday. So far it’s just a one time thing. Do you have any suggestions? I broke his pill up and put it in canned cat food, but that may not work next time. Feel better soon!


    • I still haven’t gotten a good rhythm on that, and unfortunately, Luke’s smart, so doesn’t fall for the same thing more than twice. I had tried putting it between two soft treats and mushing them together, but now he just avoids the soft treats altogether.

      When you have to give pills, it’s just best to have dumb pets. 😀


  3. Your last sentence is the best quote I’ve read about pets, especially related to cats, in a long time. Charlie is pretty smart. Josie, the dog, took her pill without batting an eye. I just put peanut butter on it. Charlie turned up his nose at the peanut butter.


    • Hee! 😀

      I’ve had two days in a row now that I’ve gotten Luke’s pill down him and he kept it down (to my knowledge), mainly just by manhandling him. He’s probably plotting my downfall as we speak …


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