Sunday happy it’s almost over

Just a few more days ... Found on Sodahead.

Just a few more days …
Found on Sodahead.

There are many reasons to be happy today, even though I’m not feeling too hot, but the No. 1 reason: The election will be over Wednesday!!!!

Here, here! Cartoon by Walt Handelsman, Newsday.

Here, here!
Cartoon by Walt Handelsman, Newsday.

I don’t drink, but I’m sure no matter how it turns out, I’ll be ready for something to make me forget this election.

I second that motion. Found on Someecards.

I second that motion.
Found on Someecards.

Chocolate coma, anyone?

Yes, please!

Yes, please!

No such thing as too much chocolate. Image found on BlogDailyHerald.

No such thing as too much chocolate.
Image found on BlogDailyHerald.


10 thoughts on “Sunday happy it’s almost over

  1. You and me both. How long will the calm last before the “storm” of the 2016 elections begin? How many trees were killed to make political mailers that only get thrown in the trash, or in my case, the recycle bin? I’m all about the chocolate coma.


    • As long as it lasts through the end of this year, I’ll be happy (for a little while). What really irritates me is that several of the candidates are doubling down with the lies (Found to be false? Fact-checkers are biased!). Even sadder, people are falling for it.
      Chocolate, and lots of it, now!


      • I agree completely. If I watch TV (I can’t miss The Middle), I mute the commercials, especially political ads, or better yet watch recorded shows and fast forward. The lies frustrate me, especially when someone I plan to vote for sinks to that level. My son is in 9th grade and wants to run for office one day on the basis of what he can do, not on negative campaigning. He’s pretty determined and idealistic, so I won’t discourage him. In the meantime, bring on the Snickers bars. Are you going to watch election returns?


      • I’ll have to watch at least a little before I edit John’s online column … usually I send it in the afternoon, but on election nights, we wait till 11-midnight to get in some of the lowlights (I’d say highlights, but that’s unrealistic for this election). Tomorrow will be a very long day. I’m saving a red velvet (my favorite) cupcake for the closing of the polls; maybe it’ll help. 😉

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  2. I have a ton of homework, so I’m going to have to hide my phone so I’ll stay off Twitter. I’m not feeling very optimistic though. I may pick up a pint of something chocolate from Blue Bell and catch some local news before I go to bed. Enjoy your cupcake! My favorite is German chocolate, but red velvet is a close second.


  3. You were right. Malt Shoppe is delicious. I ate the entire pint while watching last week’s episode of The Middle. I told my husband twice last night that he did not need to give me updates on election results. He got the message after the second time. I’m in a crappy mood today, but I’m working on my attitude. No one likes a sore loser. I may need one more pint of Malt Shoppe….


    • I think I ate half the pint of Red Velvet … I definitely need to get some Malt Shoppe.
      I think I’m most depressed about Leslie Rutledge winning as she is so clearly unqualified. I think between her and the rest of the people now in charge of the purse strings, Arkansas is about to break its balanced-budget law (and blame it on the other side, of course).
      I think I need to eat the other half now.


  4. I agree with you about Leslie Rutledge. The only bright spot for me was the approval of the minimum wage hike. One of my Facebook friends posted this from YouTube this morning. I thought you would enjoy it.


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