A macaroni day

The tortoise looks like he feels about the same as I do.

The tortoise looks like he feels about the same as I do.

I love my state, but August in Arkansas doesn’t love me. Add IBS to the equation and that equals BIG fun! (I’d put my tongue in my cheek, but I’m too nauseated at the moment to do that.)

On days like today, it’s all I can do to force myself to eat (yep, some of us big girls have to do that too), so I thank every god there is for macaroni … and that I’m not gluten- or lactose-intolerant like many other IBS sufferers.

There's a reason it's called comfort food.  Image from societytea.com.

There’s a reason it’s called comfort food.
Image from societytea.com.

Bless you, Kraft, Velveeta and every other company that makes this manna. I’d make my own ideally, but food prep’s a bit dicey in the midst of an IBS flare. As is thinking, typing, etc.

Cat-cuddling, on the other hand—there’s always room for cat-cuddling when you’re nauseous (and it’s highly recommended; just be careful of the kneading on the stomach).

Unless your cat is pissed off because he’s not the center of attention. If that’s the case, just back away slowly.

Soooo ... what's in this for me?

Soooo … what’s in this for me?


8 thoughts on “A macaroni day

  1. I had some stomach flu or something once where I did nothing but puke for hours. When my sister arrived to help out, she brought a big pot of fresh, hot mashed potatoes. Absolutely devine! I’ve used mashed potatoes as my recovery food ever since. But Kraft mac & cheese has been my staple comfort food since I was a kid.


    • MMMMM ,,,, potatoes. Home fries and buttered potatoes with just a little salt and pepper almost always make me feel better. There have been days, though, when even that is hard to eat. I think cinnamon toast may be in the cards today.
      And perhaps Luke will decide to behave today … or at least be supremely goofy … I just looked to the side and saw two eyes staring at me. Perhaps he’s come to be nice 😉


  2. I hope you are feeling better. My cat likes to mess with my keyboard too. I usually end up at the library when I need to get something editing quickly with no distractions. My pets also don’t provide comfort when I’m sick. I get a “Where the heck is my food?” look in sickness or in health.

    I don’t have IBS, but I have reflux that flares up if I drink too many Diet Cokes (I’m cutting back) or overeat rich foods. Zantac and Tums are staples in my medicine closet.


    • Thanks! Still not feeling great (apparently this is gonna be a lengthy flare), but at least getting through the day.
      When I broke my arm five years ago, Luke was at my side the entire time I was off work, like he was afraid I’d come home broken again if he took his eyes off me. And he’s wonderful when we visit my mom and she’s not feeling well; he’ll keep watch over her the whole time. I think he’s August cranky; I know I am. 😉
      Pepcid and Levsin (an anti-spasmodic) are my staples. I’ve probably had IBS since I was around 25, but it wasn’t a huge problem till a few years back, which sent me to a GI and the diagnosis. It’s tons of fun!


      • Yikes! The long flare-ups are miserable. I had some stomach issues today before a job interview. I shouldn’t have eaten the jalapeno Kind bar. My daughter has IBS, but I don’t think she takes Levsin. I’ll mention it to her. Sometimes Xantac or Prevacid just doesn’t cut it.

        Luke sounds like a great cat. I don’t know why I end up with the non-cuddly pets. It’s not me. I still go visit my friend and her poodle in Texas, and Biscuit is a snuggle bunny.

        I hope you start feeling better soon. Stomach problems are the worst.


      • Thanks. 🙂

        Levsin is prescription (at least for now), but does have a generic.

        Luke’s not really a cuddler except in special circumstances, and the older he gets, the crankier he gets. But when he’s cuddly … awwwwwwwww!


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