Bag that!

Luke woke me at 5 this morning because he’d thrown up in his bed and he could see the bottom of his food bowl, therefore it was empty despite still having plenty of food in it. First he crawled on top of me and meowed, then, when I waved him off, decided to bite my feet. I never did get back to sleep.

While I was at work, a reader sent me this image, which pretty much says it all, though I’d add: “… and that the bag is on your bed near your feet.”


Gotta love the critters. 😀


4 thoughts on “Bag that!

    • Luke’s a yowler when I lock him out, but sometimes it has to happen. 18 pounds of fur and muscle on your chest is not a fun way to wake up … but at least this morning he didn’t turn around and whack me in the face with his tail. 😉


  1. I wheeze-laughed when I read this post, only because my cat behaves similarly. He whacks my face with his paw, or if I lock him out, he meow-swears or knocks the metronome or photos off the piano.


    • Luke yowls when I lock him out, then meows sweetly as soon as I open the door (and I swear he gives me puppy-dog eyes!).

      He prefers whacking my face with his fluffy, fluffy tail … after he’s tapped me on my butt, back and head … I’m sure a wet Willie’s coming at some point. 😀


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