Sunday happy

Those who know me well know how suggestible I am when it comes to earworms. Sometimes that’s a plus, like when it’s something like songs from Schoolhouse Rock.

For Saturday’s Voices page, we had a state senator’s response to Jason Rapert’s screed in last Sunday’s paper about same-sex marriage laws. In that response, which focused on the constitutional concerns (checks and balances, etc.), Sen. David Johnson used a phrase from the preamble, “a more perfect union.” Yeah, I think those who remember Saturday morning TV back in the ’70s and early ‘8os know where I’m going with this.

So I was talking to a co-worker about that particular earworm, which of course turned into a discussion of Schoolhouse Rock, and one of the all-time favorites in the series. I present you now with … “Conjunction Junction.”

A note about that voice, the main one in many of the cartoons in the series, Bob Dorough. The jazzman (still kickin’, and still recording) is a native Arkie, which just makes me that much happier; when a native son or daughter becomes so ingrained in the culture, it’s a positive for my home state.

And before I leave you, the earworm that started this discussion:


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