Sunday happy (and fuzzy!)

I don’t understand people who don’t like animals. When I’m in a bad mood, nothing cheers me quite as much as fuzzy-belly therapy. I’m a cat person (obviously), but I love all fuzzy critters (“hairless” cats aren’t so fuzzy, so I remain a bit creeped out by them). Of course, my fuzzy-panted friend has me trained to entertain him as well, as seen in the video.

And when Senor Pantalones isn’t available (or is in a crabby mood himself), there’s the Internet. So here I present some cute and fuzzy animals. Don’t worry, Cute Overload, I’ll probably never overtake you in followers or views.

I’m fairly sure this cat must somehow be related to my little (yeah, right) Luke.

Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas gets astonishing and funny photos of meerkats. A look at the process of photographing these cuties will make you smile.

Check out more of his work here:

Tired? So’s this French bulldog puppy, no matter how much he denies it.

Feeling all upside-down? Well, it is another way to look at the world; you may just like it.

Upside down you're turnin' me ...  Image from AnimalPlanetGallery.

Upside-down you’re turnin’ me …
Image from AnimalPlanetGallery.

Hey, next week is Easter; wonder what little bunnies are doing right now.

Well, I WAS hidin' eggs ...

Well, I WAS hidin’ eggs …

What’s cuter than a baby otter? Frankly, not much.

Image from Woodland Park Zoo, via Cute Overload.

Image from Woodland Park Zoo, via Cute Overload.

And this may be the cutest bear attack ever.

Image from

Image from

Have to go? OK …

Image of Haui-san from San Diego Zoo.

Don’t go, hoomin! Image of clouded leopard cub Haui-san from San Diego Zoo.

But remember, every time you go away, this cat sure is glad to see you when you get back! If that’s not enough to make you happy …



4 thoughts on “Sunday happy (and fuzzy!)

    • I think it’s a very good indicator of someone’s level of humanity. If animals don’t make you grin at least a little bit, something’s wrong.
      And their overwhelming cuteness is definitely designed to make up for the destruction they can sometimes wreak. My boy tends to be very lovey when he’s feeling guilty. 🙂


    • I don’t trust anyone who likes ‘tree rats’ and that despicable attraction in turn makes me highly suspicious of the trustworthiness of any of their friends or relatives also! 😀


      • Hee! 😀
        Those things command so much of Luke’s attention, so even though they drive me nuts (get it?) when they decide to dig up my plants, I have to at least respect the furry little vandals for keeping Luke occupied long enough for me to get stuff done.
        Now, naked mole rats … they’re about as creepy as hairless cats.


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