Regular followers will notice there’s no “director’s cut” of my published column today. That will happen sometimes, especially when it has to be a column on the rules (again).

Excuse me ... aren't you supposed to be a pillow right now?

Excuse me … aren’t you supposed to be a pillow right now?

Besides, I’m still tuckered out from trying to move (STILL) while working and battling bronchitis and strained diaphragm muscle, and  contending with Senor Pantalones, who insists that I entertain him and act as his pillow.

I had to take the day off and finally got my washer and dryer yesterday, but the dryer vent couldn’t be installed, so … yeah … there’s that. There’s always something.


So now I’ll head back to work today to knock out another day’s page.

SOMsquirrelI figure I’ll be staring at the goofiness on my desk (hell, all over my office) a lot: the flying pig, blind squirrel, duck butt, the Crazy Cat Lady Cat Tree, Senor Pantalones’ homage to Lassie …

These things help remind me that life is ultimately just one long Monty Python sketch … strange, confusing, funny, and sometimes makes my brain hurt.

That’s not a bad thing, really.


2 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. Mrs. Looper you do a great job at the paper. Your fair, direct, don’t play favorites and when you write something simple people like me can read and understand it. I would ask if you could write more opinion columns. I know it is a full time job with the voices, but if spare time does run your way it would be appreciated. Thanks again for what you do.


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