Just pooped …

Sooooooo tired ...

Sooooooo tired …

Too pooped to pop, really.

As some of you know, I’m moving … not a long way, just across the street, but it’s still a big hassle, especially after living in the same place for 12 years.

The movers came today (several hours early) to move the big/awkward stuff my mom and I couldn’t handle, but there’s still a lot left to do even before I can start really setting up stuff the way I want in the new place.

And unfortunately, Mom and I couldn’t do as much as we needed to because I’ve had to work and we’ve both been ill (and still are … my case of bronchitis has really sapped me, and now Mom has a cold too … getting sick when you already have digestive issues has been no fun for either of us).

The bed’s set up, and the utilities are all on, so we will be sleeping over at the new place while working on getting the old one cleaned out. My clothes are still at the old place, and so are dishes, etc., but we’ll get ’em over as quickly as we can.

Luke, meanwhile, is not sure what to do right now, and keeps trying to escape when I open the front door. He hid in the back room while the movers were here, and before that, he hid in the kitchen cabinets (he managed to find the one dirty and wet spot, of course). He’s been wandering around and finally made it back in the bedroom just now to claim his spot. Hopefully he won’t spend all night crying like he did when I first carried him over this morning.

He was pretty indignant earlier when I came back and a stray cat followed me across the street. They stared each other down through the door until the stray, less than half Luke’s size, decided it would be best to leave. If I had any idea where my camera is, I would’ve captured the moment.

And now I think I’ll heat up the soup and half-sandwich I couldn’t finish at lunch (pitiful, I know). Wish me luck …

You know you're pitiful when you can't even get down a half-sandwich and half order of soup. And the turkey melt and potato soup at McAllister's is really good! Image from McAllister's Deli.

You know you’re pitiful when you can’t even get down a half-sandwich and half order of soup. And the turkey melt and potato soup at McAllister’s is really good!
Image (of a ham sammich, not the turkey melt) from McAllister’s Deli.

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