After the crash

Nope, go away, I feel awful ...

Nope, go away, I feel awful …

I don’t often blog about my illnesses because they don’t define me … they’re not who I am. This week, however, they took over.

My IBS and hypertension, among others, are exacerbated by stress, and earlier this week, I had a huge stressor which sent my body systems into overdrive. I’ve barely slept or eaten, and what little I did eat took the express train out. I managed to make it through work (thanks to years of dealing with this stuff), but once home, I completely shut down.

Nope, sorry, not being cute today.

Nope, sorry, not being cute today.

Then last night, the crash.

I wish I looked this cute when I'm sleeping.

I wish I looked this cute when I’m sleeping.

I was finally able to sleep, not because the stress was gone (which it certainly isn’t), but because my body was so exhausted, it couldn’t go on, and I slept for 16 hours.

Do I feel better? No, though Luke, who was getting especially worried the last few hours, has been doing his best to perk me up, including doing several Galloping Goofball runs (again, when no camera was out). He’s being a good little nurse. 🙂

I know I’ll make it through, but right now my body’s so weak that a 6-week-old kitten could probably beat me up. Of course, then he’d have to deal with the 11-year-old, 18-pound behemoth who’s taking care of me. I don’t like his chances …

If you mess with my mom, you mess with me!

If you mess with my mom, you mess with me!


8 thoughts on “After the crash

  1. Okay, this may be a personal question that you don’t want to answer, but what was/is the stressor? Do you have techniques that you use to deal with stress? Magic kitties help lower stress, but since it (stress) comes from within you, they cannot cure it.

    I’m just curious. Dealing with life has been … my life 🙂



    • Hey, Mike … Thanks so much for your concern, but yeah, right now I’m still processing it and working on a solution, so I’m not quite comfortable talking about details just yet. I tend to internalize things, which is part of the problem (politeness does sometimes have its drawbacks). I do have some relaxation techniques, but when I get gobsmacked, deep breathing can only do so much. It’s a little sad when work is a refuge, but that’s what it is for me right now. I think I’ll work this all out and be my usual goofy self before too long. I may call on you, though, if I get too low. 🙂


    • I’ve done that, but I tend to rely more on stress relief and relaxation exercises since stress is such a large trigger for my illnesses (which besides IBS and hypertension also include migraines and depression), Usually that’s enough and I stay pretty level, but this time it wasn’t. My cat feels very guilty about that, apparently, since he thinks he’s my therapist …


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